Of obsessions and addictions – Je Suis by Ritienne Zammit

“Everyone may not be good, but there’s always something good in everyone. Never judge anyone shortly because every saint has a past and every sinner has a future”Oscar Wilde

Channeling obsessions and addictions, Ritienne Zammit’s MFWA2016 collection is breathtaking, intoxicating, and exhilarating. She aims to give voice to the pain and torment of those going through difficult times, battling  different forms of enslavement, whether it is money or substance abuse. The point is for the witnesses of her art to withhold judgment and show sympathy towards those riddled with a tortuous predicament.

It must have been no mean feat to create such works of art, but once again Ritienne surpassed expectations and astonished the audience by the sheer amount of work and hours that must have gone into capturing and creating every piece. Ritienne’s talent is unquestionable but I must also comment on how she transforms her clothes into a narrative, a journey of many stories left untold, an inimitable experience.

The show itself was a tour de force in creativity , a gallery in motion as models braved a slippery steep slope to showcase the garments. The final result? A thought-provoking formidable fashion show that garnered prolonged clamoring and energetic applause.

It is hardly possible to select favorites because she craftily sectioned the show in parts, with each revealing thematically related pieces. There are many spectacular pieces but I am most fascinated by the print. It is beyond belief how something so inspirational (such as Caravaggio’s art for example) can be transferred to cloth and metamorphosed into finest figure-hugging shapes and styles.

While I am aware that all these words might sound hyperbolic, trust me when I tell you that not even words can do justice to what the audience witnessed. Brava, Brava, Brava, Ritienne! You outdid yourself and are truly a class unto your own!

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