“Always keep it dapperly” – Gagliardi at #MFWA2106

On day 7 of Malta fashion week, it was Gagliardi’s turn to open the tripartite evening. Known as a stalwart of fashion week, Gagliardi’s show represents the man who always wants to look refined, polished, and stylish. Following all those shows aimed at women, it is a good addition to fashion week to have at least this show for the gents. Balancing classic with freshness, Gagliardi’s looks suit many different tastes and are adequate for a variety of occasions, from business wear to travelling, from wedding outfits to lounging on yachts. You name it, and they will provide it. Have a look at a sample of what Gagliardi has to offer…

Business looks

Occasional wear / travelling

Lounging / relaxed summer wear

Here is what we found before the show on a hand-written postcard by Gagliardi:

“As the sun rises on the summer season, much of the world looks towards the Mediterranean for sun-soaked inspiration; this is what makes Malta the natural muse for the Gagliardi collections. Whether referencing Maltese culture, history or the island’s positioning, there is little doubt as to why Malta has been called the jewel of the Mediterranean time and time again. Ladies and gents, please enjoy our runway show tonight. And remember, always keep it dapperly”.  The Gagliardi Team


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