A valuable discovery in health and beauty 

Location: International School of Beauty Therapy, St Venera

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Are you looking for a course that fully prepares you to face the fast-paced, demanding but exciting world of make-up and beauty? Look no further than the International School of Beauty Therapy, an accredited centre that prioritises excellence, high standards, and precision in all services one trains for. At the helm of this 20-year enterprise is the principal Sharon Warrington, who is warm and caring on the one hand, but rules the school with a firm hand to ensure top-notch standards. As someone who is committed to the very best results, Sharon herself is exposed to training, often abroad in the UK where she meets like-minded experts who share practices and passion for optimum service. At school, she achieves a balance between disciplinarian and advisor when managing her students, as I have seen her in action during a make-up mock exam.

During this occasion, I was invited to sit as a model for bridal make-up under the care of upcoming make-up artist Sarah G Micallef, who incidentally took part in Malta Fashion Week and Awards. Charming and welcoming, Sarah consulted me first on the make-up look and then had to work against a tight deadline, as did all other make-up students on the day. I enjoyed this experience but more than that, I appreciate the hard work make-up artists do even more so, for the mock exam was quite intense for these students.

Prior to this experience, my first visit to the school was almost a week earlier. I was offered a full body massage at the talented hands of Francesca, and I must say I was as impressed as relaxed after the treatment. The techniques and movements are all accounted for and nothing is left to chance or based on random movements. A thorough health check questionnaire is conducted before one starts, to ensure that any conditions are known. During the massage the client is asked about pressure points and comfort and I cannot sing enough praises for Francesca, who knows the adequate amount of pressure to apply. The salon that will eventually employ her will be lucky to have her. On leaving the school after the massage I also heard other customers speak very positively, wishing they would love to come again. In a way, the massage becomes addictive, especially when it is done well.

Apart from massage therapy, this CIBTAC accredited establishment trains candidates in make-up, facials, slimming treatments, nail application, nutrition, and alternative methods such as reflexology. Apart from the practical side to the course, students have to go through an intensive theoretical framework consisting of anatomy and physiology. At the end of the course, students sit for multiple exams, some practice based, as well as submit a series of assignments. Assessment is carried out by an external foreign UK-based examiner. Only then do they obtain a certificate which stands for a level 4 according to the MQF, as the school is also recognized by the NCHFE, Malta’s qualifications accreditation body.
I am truly pleased to have learned about this school, mostly because it is important that these type of services are based on thorough preparation, study, and high standards. There are many people who aspire to work in health and beauty, but who expect short cuts. This school shows that it is better to do something properly because it takes you further in the long run. In fact, this school attracts people from all over the world, from Malta to South Africa and Italy, just to mention a few examples. You can find necessary information on their Facebook page.

Testimonials from students:

Nicsha Camilleri:

Thanks to you (referring to Sharon Warrington), the teachers and all involved. The school offers a vast range of courses and knowledge beyond books, it gives hopes to dreams that were thought unreachable, a family friendly layout and flexibility for people with children and families, and above all walking out into the real world prepared for anything. Like everything in life, it is not given but earned, and all the staff push you to your limits to reach your goals and be the best that you can be.

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