No act of kindness is ever wasted – Fashion for a Cause 2016

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give – Winston Churchill

From time to time on social media you come across these videos, stories, or anecdotes about poverty, charity, and nobility of the heart. The images and videos are often heartbreaking as they are heartwarming, but the message is always the same: to have is rewarding to the self, but to give to someone else is life-enriching. They say charity begins at home, and in this case it begins in one’s country. It can be to help someone in need, or as in relation to the above event, to donate in the name of a noble cause. Fashion for a Cause steps in for this reason, to support the work of the Young People’s Unit. The organisation behind it is MYN, an acronym for three fantastic women in charge of it: Marisa Grima, fashion mogul and experienced stylist, Yvonne Desira Buttigieg, organiser extraordinaire, and Noelene Miggani, the sweetest entrepreneur you will ever meet). FFAC has indeed become an important fixture in the fashion calendar, not only because it presents latest pieces of summer collections as showcased by different brands, but because it combines the ephemerality and playfulness of the fashion we all love with the noble cause of donating for something we believe in, tomorrow’s generation. That, I believe, is the cornerstone of what makes us a strong humanity.

Apart from the attendees who donated a contribution upon attending, the event was also boosted by a number of sponsors, some of which were involved in the fashion show prior to the reception. The brands and sponsors were: List (Roma), Franks (responsible for the makeup), Guess, Teatro, Liu Jo, Luisa Spagnoli, Lilly Mae, Villa Arrigo (for the catering), Antonio Piscopo (wines and spirits), Diet Kinnie, Paprika, Cisk, Porto (for all the bags), Missey & Bo, and Screen (for the hair).

Below are some of the looks (donned by models) presented during the catwalk show and my personal favourites and comments. Brands are in order of appearance:

Paprika: A new name in the local scene, Paprika offers traditional design with a twist, blending Italian and Spanish style together. As seen here, it is loyal to the classic polka dots and gingham. What I like about the polka dress is its contemporary twist with the bell sleeves and bowtie collar. The fit and flare seems to be quite flattering too. The second look mixes street (via the ripped jeans) with bohemian style (the shirt details make for a very relaxed look); the gingham tunic / dress is here worn on denim which changes its styling but makes an equally interesting outfit. The floral hem and details on the sleeve give it a different touch.

Luisa Spagnoli: Classic and timeless elegance are synonymous with the Spagnoli brand. The pieces on show are perfect for summer weddings, formal dinners/lunches, and even family events. The colours are subtle, fresh, and a brighter alternative to the black that sometimes seems to take over at weddings. Look no further than this brand for your dress (or jumpsuit) for that eventful occasion, as the styles and designs vary and can be worn for numerous events.

List: The luscious red and orange outfits immediately caught my eye – the simplicity of the former (that little piece of hardware does the trick) and the draping effect of the latter make for enduring allure beyond the trends and fads. As for the jumpsuit and maxi dress, they are equally must-haves for those days when you just want to look good but do not have the time for fussing over what to wear.

Liu Jo: If you still are adamant on black, then List has you covered. You can opt for a sophisticated jumpsuit (though I am not quite sure if the 2nd outfit (clockwise) is made of 2 separate pieces which look sublime together if they are), or a lace little black dress with a sexier neckline. Or as in the last look, keep the black by choosing a ruffled top and inject splatters of colour through the pants. The floral maxi dress is versatile while nude is having a strong moment this season as see in the first piece, an evocative off-the-shoulder lace dress.

Teatro: Colour was once again at the centre of the looks chosen as seen in the pieces by Teatro, a new exclusive boutique in Sliema. The patterned dress and trousers suit are flamboyant and full of life. If you prefer more demure looks, then the white flowy dress and the ivory suit are as refined as they come. One of my favourite pieces of all the show was definitely the black and white maxi dress – its fit and neckline are tailored to perfection and the design resembles artwork.

Lilly Mae: The first time I came across Lilly Mae during a catwalk show was at the Malta Fashion Week and Awards. The welcome reaction of many attendees was that finally a brand that represents curvier women was part of the gig. Ditto for this event, as attendees could see lovely pieces by different brands, such as Elena Miro and Marina Rinaldi. These are my favourite looks: the safari-themed suit, the fiery red dress, the minimalist black and white flowing top, the sleek satin jacket and dress, and the floral skirt suit, all of which are adequate for the career woman who can feel confident about how she looks irrespective of her dress size.

Guess: This year Guess was all about clean white, crisp looks for the summer. Here are three diverse outfits: the first one showcases the white blazer (paired with more colour) while in the second look the asymmetric dress is very elegant. For a more casual flair (but polished nonetheless), this subtle floral dress with the chambray lapel spells summer with a bang! On that note, may your summer bring you positivity, serenity, and joy!



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