Selling Hope, Choosing Love: Revlon’s Summer ’16 Collection

Revlon launches summer collection 2016

The heritage of Revlon: an American brand, Revlon planted its roots in 1932 thanks to the vision and entrepreneurship of Charles Revson (who later changed the name to Revlon). The first campaign was first shot in Times Square and it was a massive success. The beginning of Revlon also coincides with the creation of a nail enamel by this brand, the very first that was launched in the beauty industry. Other products soon followed, and now Revlon boasts a full range of make-up products, as Revson the founder based his iconic brand on glamour, provocation, passion and seduction. Many famous actors and models have endorsed the brand, from the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry, and more recently Emma Stone. The new Revlon Global Brand Ambassador is the charming and vibrant Alejandra Espinoza, who perfectly portrays the richness and colours of the Revlon name, as well as the motto for this season is Love is On!


The event: below are some of the products launched during a Saturday brunch that was organised by the Revlon team at the sumptuous Palazzo Castelletti. A number of bloggers and others interested in make-up were invited to a presentation (as seen in some of the slides) followed by testing and checking out the products first-hand. Upon leaving we were each given a gift and I must say that I have already tried out the mascara and lipstick, both of which are of very good quality (more on those later). The products that were launched during the event were: different types of mascara, liquid foundation (in pump form), nail polish, chubby lipsticks (in crayon form), and the Revlon make-up brushes collection (which I am very interested in trying!).


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