The Satin Bomber Jacket

Worn during the Pink Fashion Show summer 2016 edition, Villa Rosa

Wearing black is often a no-brainer, a safe option and a flattering one at that. It is true that I am partial to black for these reasons, but that does not mean it makes us lazier for choosing it. I usually choose clothes depending on their style and fit, irrespective of the colour, so in this case I was drawn to the understated but trending design of this black dress, namely the cold-shoulder detail.

For the Pink Fashion Show summer edition, I wanted to combine a lux feel with a more laid-back vibe, despite the fact that many attendees were dressed to the nines and in heels to kill with or die for (choose your pick). The satin bomber jacket afforded that touch of sophistication while the white sneakers gave the outfit a more down-to-earth appearance. In between, I wanted something comfortable but smart-casual nonetheless. The ribbed cold-shoulder dress was a blank canvas against which I could add more colour. To top off the ensemble, I matched one of my favourite bags at the moment, a tricoloured backpack, to the colours of the bomber jacket. It was also very convenient for the after-show party and socialising! Initially I tied-up the bomber jacket (back-to-front) and needless to say, many people thought it was a skirt! As it grew cooler into the night (as I suspected it would) I untied it and wore it over to keep me warm, a different outfit altogether, and one to show off the bomber’s design! Here are some snaps taken before the show:

Outfit details: dress ~ Mango // bomber jacket ~ Zara // sneakers ~ Adidas // choker ~ Mango // backpack ~ Aldo // watch ~ Skagen (Sunlab) // sunglasses ~ Orsay

For more, have a look at the slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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