Official launch of the Malta Television Awards 2017



After 5 years of absence, the Malta Television Awards are back in business, much to the anticipation and excitement of creatives working in the industry. During an event held at Le Meridien, the team behind MTA unveiled the proceedings and explained the run-up to this massive show that will come to a grand finale in 2017. Mermaid Media Entertainment is at the helm, while Pierre Cassar, the Chief Executive of Broadcasting Authority Malta, is overseeing the adjudicating system of the Awards. The Executive Chair of Art Council Malta, Albert Marshall, is endorsing this event as. This time round, House of Beauty spearheaded by Lyndsey Zammit will be the signature sponsor.

IMG_3152Noelene Miggiani gave an introductory speech which emphasised the value of the awards through which due recognition will be given to those people working in the industry who deserve such accolades for their creativity, vision, and dedication. The awards will be based on the work and programmes showcased between October 2015 and September 2016. More specifically, this edition will take into consideration local TV productions that would have been broadcasted for the very first time during the above time period. Award categories and regulations will be published in the coming months. More details will also be available on the Facebook page while contenders may apply online too.

Below are two snippets (video) providing the above information (in Maltese):

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