Painting and luminosity at the Revlon party – Saz Mifsud’s latest collection

As a follow-up to the Revlon post (read about it here), this post is dedicated to the talent and vision of one of Malta’s own designers, Saz Mifsud, who specialises in the creation of scarfs that can easily become garments to wear. During the bloggers’ brunch at Palazzo Castelletti, Saz invited us to view a selection of her pieces first-hand (see below) that are part of her latest collection called Pollen’s Poetry.You may recall that she hadΒ presented this collection during the 2016 edition of Malta Fashion Week and Awards (read here). During the Revlon event, she was invited to give a brief but informative presentation to the audience present for the blogger brunch. If you visit her studio, all you have to do is choose one of the wondrous fabrics that sheΒ has created and with her help, you may have a top, pair of pants, a kimono, or even a dress. Her inspiration are the flowers and ‘art’ in nature, which she combines skilfully into pieces that are explosions of colour, renditions of the beauty that exists around us in the natural world. Visit her site and shop here.



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