Once a bride, always a bride | make-up look by Sarah G

The make-up exam at the International School of Beauty Therapy, St Venera

You might have come across a post on a discovery I was lucky to make some time ago (read more here). If you have, then I am referring to the International School of Beauty Therapy, which prepares aspiring make-up artists and beauty therapists to face the manic world awaiting them to kick off an exciting and truly colourful career (pun almost intended). So what took me to visit the centrally located school, run by the charming Sharon Warrington, on an early Saturday morning, one might wonder? As part of my collaboration with this school, I accepted to step in as a ‘model’ for 2 make-up sessions (you might have seen photos of the first one on my other social media). The first time was for the mock exam, whilst today it was the real thing for the girls training to be make-up artists. One of them, Sarah G Micallef, was going to be my make-up artist, and I was so glad to work with her a second time. She was composed, efficient, systematic, yet her make-up application was calming and enjoyable.

Prior to the commencement of the examination, nervousness, excitement, and last-minute preparations pervaded the nicely done make-up room, as the trainee make-up artists were all set to go. Perfectly made-up themselves, prim and proper in the school’s uniform, I observed their rituals of setting up ‘shop’, disinfecting their brushes in the special machine, consulting with their makeshift clients (or ‘brides’ as the look was set to be part of a bridal theme), and creating a clean and uncluttered workspace. Looming above them was the foreign examiner, who was observing them from near and afar, occasionally appearing behind one of them to ask them questions on the spot – the trainees were also being tested theoretically, particularly on hygiene, which to my mind is a very essential requisite for any make-up artist. As the hour came to an end and the students had to prepare for their next make-up exam, I wished them luck, particularly Sarah for whom I modelled, and was warmly greeted once again by Sharon before leaving the school.

I definitely recommend this school for training, because the professionalism and thoroughness I have witnessed in the short timespan I was there is proof of a well-manned ship, at the helm of which is a strong but caring captain. I truly wish all this year’s trainees the best results and a budding future! Below are pictures of my transformation (they indicate different times of the day following the make-up application, which took place between 9-10am; I removed the make-up in the evening):

Before the make-up exam, I changed into this lovely sheer dress Sarah brought with her for the occasion


After the exam, Sharon and I took a few snaps in the reception area downstairs

Then I headed home where I took a few more photos (about an hour after the end of the exam)

Same thing, slightly different lighting

The next three photos I took following an afternoon nap, and the contouring remained firmly in place

The last 3 were taken right before I cleansed my face (so sorry I had to!) in the evening

So great job Sarah, your make-up application lasted the whole day!!



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