Raise the temperature with Pupa’s Bronze Fever Collection

If you are familiar in any way with the Pupa brand, you might remember the classic beauty kits such as Pupart and Pupacat. This brand was one of the first to make it to the Maltese shores, at a time when make-up products were not that abundant and there was not much choice in the way of quality make-up. As important occasions rolled by, such as birthdays and Christmases, it became customary among many make-up enthusiasts to gift one of the luxurious kits – what a present that was for many! At that time, such a gift meant that make-up was set to last you for years. As the markets grew and so did the amount of brands vying for attention, people became more restless and wanted the latest fads. Just like fashion, make-up products nowadays tend towards the here and now, and often the marketing is created in such a way to make you really want the product, no matter what.

IMG_2759 IMG_2760

So when I attended the launch of Pupa’s new summer collection, I did not really know what to expect. All I knew was that some products were being launched. As the crowd was treated to some delicious nibbles and sangria at a relaxing beach location before the presentation, I had a look at the single items on display. As I spoke to the affable and down-to-earth representative Stephanie, who is in charge of the company’s business development, it became clear that Pupa has had to move ahead with the times, offering products that would satisfy that restlessness I mentioned earlier, while diversifying from the kits it has become known for. As a number of people swatched the products, I noticed how their attention was drawn to certain items in the Bronze Fever collection, and mine was too. Particularly towards the Vamp! Intense Kajal eyeliner, shaped like a crayon, and the Face and Body Highlighter, which offers that glow for those languid summer evenings. I am pleased to have both as I have a summer ahead trying them out.

The special thing about these products is that it is not just about the make-up. It is about a story that you can tell with them. As I tried the highlighter on my hands I could easily imagine a sunset dinner with a glorious sea view, wearing a breezy maxi dress and rose gold jewellery, and to complete the look some highlighter on my cheekbones and décolletage. Or what about one of those days where it is too hot to put on any make-up, but you can still look put-together thanks to the Intense Kajal eyeliner? Add to that Pupa’s new balmy oil nourishing lip balm. If you want to add some more colour, then maybe try their made-to-last waterproof eyeshadow – I know I would want to try that too! In between the event and now, I have tried out the highlighter and the lip balm, so here are my reactions. I still have to try out the kajal which I got together with the highlighter, but I will do a mini-review of that on my social media, so keep an eye out!

IMG_3517 IMG_3519

First Impressions of the highlighter: On first application, I noticed that it was slightly on the glittery side, which I tend to avoid. The second time round I decided to blend it into my foundation and blusher, which helped achieve the desired glowing effect. So if you get this, make sure to apply it with a smaller brush and move it around, because it can be a bit shiny if left unblended. Other than that, I like its consistency, its feel and its lightweight quality.


First Impressions of the Nourishing Lip Balm: The latter I was so pleased to find in the bag (together with other items), which they generously gave us at the end of the event. As I tried it, I noticed its soothing effect, which is attributed to raspberry seed oil. Initially I was sceptical about the colour, as it is a striking pink. I was pleasantly surprised as it is quasi-colourless on application and it tastes almost like raspberry. Having applied it a couple of times now, I can say it has helped by dry chapped lips.


If you want more information on Pupa’s collection, check out their website here.


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