The white summer suit – Outfit idea #2

As we drift into the hottest period of the summer and the temperatures peak to an unbearable  degree, we find ourselves in a bind, the type of ‘what to wear to work without becoming all sweaty and irritated?’, at least on your way there. Now, as you may know, the career I have means that I do not have to go to work in the summer but I do know that there are thousands out there who do. So I have tried to cater for the percentage of women who must dress up every morning to head to their offices, albeit them being air-conditioned.

IMG_0432 IMG_0434 IMG_0435

With this in mind, and as part of my collaboration with Main Street and Mango, I created a look that would be good for the office, maybe for those important meetings. It could easily be taken from daytime to evening, by adding some accessories (such as the tribal clutch). I chose an alternative to the suit, by mixing and matching a lightweight white pair of pants with a tied-up shirt (it is sleeveless so adding on the suede jacket, or maybe even a white blazer, could be a good idea, just in case the AC is on). The latter type of shirt is right on trend at the moment, lots of brands have brought in this tied-up detail (even in the shoes department). Mango’s offering though is sophisticated, feminine, and stylish, so your shirt choice could do with a bit of revamping this summer. I chose the suede jacket as it is also very lightweight and breaks the all-white look. The chunky necklace counteracts the plainness of the outfit, as does the asymmetrical pair of kitten heels (not usually my favourite type of heel, but I simply love the design of this pair!). To complete the look is the tribal-styled clutch, which blends in with the colours, and in this way keeps the palette neutral and clean. This season at Mango its either about striking colours (as you will see in other posts) or very clean, minimalist lines. IMG_0436 IMG_0437

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