Be the best you can be, with Stage Line Makeup

When I met Sharon Warrington, principal of International School of Beauty Therapy, and visited the premises for a couple of makeup sessions and other treatments (including a divinely executed massage), I was not familiar with the makeup brands that are usually used by the trainee makeup artists during the course and examinations. On my first makeup visit, though, I came across a well-stocked stand of products. The brand is called Stage Line, which is originally based in Barcelona (part of the Spanish company called Laurendor, founded in 1936). It offers make-up for professional purposes, which include fashion, weddings, theatre and the arts. Apart from make-up, Stage Line also offers skin care, such as moisturisers, mattifiers, skin smoothers and regenerators, that all help to nourish and hydrate the skin. Additionally, one may also find make-up applicators such as sponges and puffs. For this post and in collaboration with the International School of Beauty Therapy, I conducted a trial of some products, and I must say that from the get-go I was impressed.



Step 1: As a base, I applied the Silk Veil pore minimising skin refinisher. It is a primer and a serum rolled in one. It smoothens the skin and and helps to prep the face for make-up application, by really reducing the open pores. One has to allow for some time for the primer to settle before applying the foundation, for it to really have the desired effect.


First impressions: I have to admit that this has surpassed my expectations as a primer. Its velvety feel is fresh to the touch. As it settles on the skin I really feel a veil effect. It has a pleasant smell too and with just a very minute dose you can cover the entire face so despite the portion looking small, it should last a while.

Step 2: In terms of coverage, I exchanged the usual liquid foundation for the cream-baed Hi-Definition Cover (Natural Look). It has to be applied with a brush and moved around in circles so as to even out the colour and create a mattifying look. The aim is to provide really high definition coverage and reduce the appearance of fine lines or blemishes on the skin. It is ideal for special events where you need make-up to last you a long time or you need an adequate foundation that offers a ‘mask’ to smooth over those stubborn areas, all the while acting as a second skin so you do not have to feel caked over or unnatural.

IMG_2937 IMG_2939


First look (above): silk veil + hi-definition coverage (without the eyeliner, blush, and lipstick).

First impressions: I was so pleased with this product because I had been looking for something of its sort for quite a while. Prone to frown / expression lines, I felt I really needed more than the average foundation, particularly when I attend fashion events, where I know the face will be exposed to harsh lights that might not do any make-up justice. I put this product immediately to the test the day after I received it, for an important fashion event that started late afternoon and continued into the night. The foundation did not budge and I felt confident all throughout. I believe this is really important, because makeup is there to boost your confidence and make you inner beauty come to life. During the event, a number of people remarked on the smoothness of my make-up look, which I attributed to the silk veil and the hi-definition cover. Apart from these two fantastic products, to complete the make-up look was the lipstick (see below).


Final touch: The third and final product I received was the the number 45 Stage Line lipstick. After checking its consistency, I applied it with a brush initially as it is a strong vibrant red. Then I added some more directly from the lipstick as it has a very silky feel and a lovely smell.


First impressions: The red lipstick was the touchdown of the make-up look. I have to admit that till a few years ago, I did not wear red lipstick much. Then I sort of grew into it, and now I seem to gravitate towards red. So you can imagine my glee when I opened and swatched the number 45, which is exactly my type of red. I love its fragrance too, and it has nourishing properties that are quite good for cracked lips, though I would not recommend wearing red lipstick on chapped lips yet. As I used it for the fashion event together with the other two products, I have to say that it has good lasting power. Needless to say, I used it for 3 days straight as soon as I got it, because its texture and application qualities are incredible. Now it is still one of the lipsticks I reach out for, a no-brainer really, because I know that it will give me a finished, polished look.

IMG_2958 IMG_2962

Here is the final make-up look (I kept the eye area quite understated with a neutral eyeshadow and minimalist eyeliner, to let the lipstick do the talking):

IMG_2971 IMG_2981 IMG_2980 IMG_2979

What do you think? Are you interested in Stage Line makeup? Get in touch with me on my Facebook page Style in Transit if you are!

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