The ultimate hair care – Olaplex treatment 

They say it is useless if you are clothed in the finest garments if your hair or face tell a different story. Especially in the case of damaged or dull hair, it would make for a terrible look. Add to that our extremely warm weather in Malta, high humidity, and the harshness of dyes, our poor strands are put to a stretching test, often causing breakage and the need for frequent trims/cuts.

However, there is now a solution of sorts to counteract the effect of dyeing, especially in the case of those who go from brown to blonde locks. I have not done so myself but with the application of hair dye every 2 months more or less, I knew that I still had to gain from a protective treatment.

What is Olaplex, one might ask? In case you were wondering, when hair dye is applied it leads to hair breaking and splitting. The basic aim of Olaplex is to rebond the hair. How does it work? One word. Chemistry. The creators of this product / treatment located two of the world’s leading figures in Chemistry and Materials: Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker. With the expertise of the latter two, an essential ingredient was invented. Free of silicone or oils, this ingredient reconnects broken bonds in the hair, strenghtening them in the process. Olaplex fast became a sought-after product/treatment abroad, even among actors and artists involved in the entertainment industry. It has also been patented so any salon professing to be offering Olaplex must show you the original kit (as above).

So in case you thought it was one of those gimmicks or fads, then you should give it a try to see for yourself. The proof is in the result of stronger hair that somehow regains the shine and softness that might have been compromised with coloring treatments.
When Robert from STRANJE Hairdressing contacted me to give Olaplex a try, I was elated to do so. I had heard many good things about it already but when Robert and Dorian explained the process and above qualities, I was convinced and sold to the idea that my hair did need some TLC.

First reactions: it is not that easy to detect the effects of the treatment immediately. The reason is simply because in light of what I explained above, it might take a few weeks to note changes in hair repair so give it time when having it applied. I will monitor the results by comparing how my hair feels post-Olaplex in a few months’ time. However, for the time being, my first impression was that the hair was indeed softer and glossier and I felt more at ease knowing that my hair could take the blow-dry heat and hair dye more adequately. Post-treatment, I was given a small bottle to apply, to boost the treatment done in the salon. So I will give that a go too as it is meant to last a number of times before going back for future treatments.

p.s. I look rather pale in the above photos as I was suffering from one of those headaches, but felt better later on as the last photo shows 😉

For more information, check out the following pages: Olaplex Malta and STRANJE Hairdressing

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