A one-stop shop // Niumee Concept Esthetique

Hi there! Style in Transit is back after a brief pause due to personal commitments. This week you can read posts related to fashion and beauty as usual. So the first one up is linked to the latter, and all about Niumee Concept Esthetique in Mriehel, an innovative concept in the cosmetic and beauty industry.

As summer is in full swing, we all want to look our best, whether it is in relation to our body, our face, or our manicures. What if you could go to a one-stop shop and get all your needs seen to in a morning, afternoon, or stay for longer? Now you can at NIUMEE. Beat the heat, and the traffic, by immersing yourself in a feng shui designed hub and let the experts inject you with a new you!


A little bit of history: Niumee all came together when Maria Bugeja, who has worked in the wellness and health services for over 10 years, decided to take it up a notch, or ten, in collaboration with a number of experts in various fields. What she has created is no mean feat, as she now brings under the same roof an array of services and professionals whose work is unrivalled. These are the following on offer:

A threading and lash area; a nail bar; a pedicure suite; a beauty bar concept; barber services; a semi-permanent makeup tattooing space; hairdressing services by Screen; a tan room facility; a juice bar; slimming treatments; and lastly a gym (incorporating personal training with a nutritionist’s advice). The photos below show the different treatment rooms, they must be so quiet and relaxing!

IMG_3123 IMG_3122 IMG_3124

A few weeks ago, Style in Transit was invited to visit the salon’s sleek design and spanking new rooms during a launch which was very well-attended, for a Tuesday night. Here are some snaps taken on the night:

The juice bar and the exquisite creations I gladly tasted
At the end of the event, we were generously gifted a (pink) J.P. Chenet and I can say it was one of the most pleasant wines I ever drank!

On the night, VIP Jewellers put up a Morellato stand and drew up a couple of gifts 

Fragrances by Trussardi were also on display

As I spoke to the affable Maria, it became clear that her idea was to offer women something they could touch base with, in terms of building trust with people who take clients’ wellbeing seriously. Moreover, it goes to show how aesthetics have become so important to many women. As I looked at the diverse crowd, it was evident that beauty has become an essential concept to many women of various ages, from different walks of life, from the young woman just out of university to one running her own business. Beauty concepts are not shallow or frivolous because part of one’s image is based on appearance. Many women have realised this aspect as being central to their career and image.

Take care of your hands too thanks to these massage creams!
This is Niumee’s finest technology, Vela shape weight loss that offers body contouring

Niumee is the place to be for a revitalising experience, or two. The beauty of it, pun intended, is that considering the amount of traffic we have to subject ourselves to on such a small island (for those who you international readers who are not aware of this, a 20 minute drive could take an hour in traffic!), having a one-stop shop can be very convenient and de-stressing. It is also located in a central town in Malta, plus it offers ample parking so that is stress-free too. I sincerely cannot wait to try out some of the services here, especially as my workplace is close by!

One of the highlights of the night, a talented dancer covered in makeup (can you spot the giraffe?)

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