Waves of colour and fun // Sam Selby’s Sirena Collection

If the name Sam Selby rings a bell, the likelihood is that you were part of Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2016 and heard of her debut. In May, we saw the launch and exhibition of the vibrant, colourful collection aptly entitled The Sirena Collection, befitting the summer season that was yet to begin. As we are nearing the end of a torrid July and heading for what looks like an even warmer August here in Malta, I thought it would be the ripe time to (re)introduce you to her striking creations. The best part? You do not have to worry about feeling weighed down by the jewellery because it is lightweight yet apropos for that evening outfit you so badly want to dress up while keeping it fresh. Here is how her pieces have been described:

The bright and bold statement pieces are crafted from sea sediment. Each holds its very own unique pattern and shade. The designs are a balance of ergonomics and aesthetics, as Sam believes that each is as important as the other. Each necklace sits and frames the colour bones so that they accentuate the natural lines of the wearer. The Sirena Collection is set in either sterling silver, or gold plated silver, allowing versatility to the wearer to create a statement look for any classic or plain outfit.

In case you were wondering who the designer is, Sam Selby hails from the UK and tried her hand at design from a very young age, so much so that she received the National Arkwright Scholarship for design when she was just 15 years old. This led her to bigger and brighter avenues such as an Honours in Design Management through which she garnered much experience in the branding and marketing business.

The recent photoshoot held at MedAsia Playa saw a great collaboration between like-minded individuals: Sam with her wondrous pieces, styling by the energetic and charming Dorianne Mamo (see her blog ask dorianne), and the über–talented power couple consisting of photographer Bernard Polidano and his wife, make-up artist Natasha. Last but not least a special mention goes to the gorgeous model Lorena Jaramillo who, showing off the Sirena collection and wearing outfits by Accessorize, exuded personality which you can tell just by looking at the photos.


The Sirena Collection can be viewed in the link just by clicking the name. Have you chosen a favourite yet? I know I have!


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