The Work Shift Dress – Outfit Idea #4

Beginning of a new month, beginning of a new (academic/work/fashion-related) year = Style in Transit is back!! Despite the fact that the blog has not brought you articles in the last month does not mean, however, that blog-related work had stopped. Rather, work was ongoing and behind the scenes: preparing new content, brainstorming for a fresh schedule, attending meetings with new clients interested in collaborating with Style in Transit, and also working on other fashion-relate projects, but not involving the blog). The last one took priority time-wise. The image of the blog will also be changing (hopefully sometime in the near future) but for now it was felt that the clean, uncluttered design was still functional and welcoming. So as you can see, it was a pretty busy time even if the lack of uploaded content showed otherwise. This brief explanation is not intended to make up excuses but to show the blog’s readers that there is even more commitment to grow this blog… into a fashion, travel and lifestyle brand – bring on AW 16/17!!

Right, so let’s go head first into our first post shall we? Starting with an outfit idea, which as you shall see will be part of a mini-series of posts that will reveal more clearly what my style choices are, and how it is a good thing to explore options until you have defined your own style. For some it takes years to find who they are by what they wear – in my case, it has taken some experimenting but lately, I have honed my personal style, which is why I choose what I feel represents me, either when I collaborate with brands, or when each fashion season brings with it distinct trends (sorry, I hate that word as much as you probably do, but for want of a better one…). So the recommendations below are what I would wear, even if they coincide with the latest fads.

This week’s idea is the simple unassuming shift dress, or your LSD (not what you’re thinking, but Little Shift Dress!). This is an idea that you could take away with you or adapt to your wardrobe come Monday morning.

Premise: imagine it is the end of the weekend (not there yet, luckily!) and you have to prepare your outfit for Monday morning (there is such a thing as getting your clothes all prepped the night before, to keep you organised!). You end up grabbing what you have probably already worn many times over, because subconsciously, we go for ‘safe’ options, right? dress is part of my signature style (together with blazer and jeans combo, more of that later).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Suggestion: Change up your shift dress from black to a brighter colour that wakes you up and brightens your day more than the (grey) weather. As it is still quite warm and rather humid (here in Malta) you are almost fine wearing it on its own, but you could throw on a short blazer or smart jacket to complete the look. Above is how I styled a shift dress from Mango (with a belt to cinch the waist; I completed the outfit with block heels, a suede-like clutch and a tribal-style necklace – all from Mango)

Shop alternatives here (fashion alert 1: red, rust/tan are big this season!):






Wear with (fashion alert 2: block heels and the design of the skin-coloured heels are also on our radar – extra points for comfort and style!):








Disclaimer: the outfit post is in collaboration with Main Street and Mango, Paola, but the idea for the post is Style in Transit’s remit. The above recommendations are not affiliate links so feel free to click on the photos that will take you to the site(s) and respective pages if interested!

Thanks for reading!


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