First Impressions / Sleek Makeup

These two to three weeks have been incredibly busy, juggling all sorts of stuff and deadlines, some of them work-related (or academic in nature), and others connected to blogging. This has left me with less time to blog and share content. Among other things, this post has been top on my list so you can imagine how quickly I got to writing it as soon as I got myself some rare ‘free time’.  More like a spare hour or two. So here goes…

As my blog now includes beauty-related products, I thought I would share with you my impressions and experience of using the Sleek Makeup brand. I had not really got my hands on them yet, but I had been eyeing them for a while. I became particularly interested in the brand new colour contouring palette and the contouring one too, due to the fact that I did not really have specific palettes for such functions. So I was really pleased to find such products, especially in a compact size that could be easily carried around in a bag. Given that I travel quite a bit, it makes for convenient packing, knowing that I can squeeze in these two palettes somehow. They are not called Sleek for no reason.

There is, however, another reason, why the products live up to their name. The makeup itself, of course, which is quite silky, easy to apply, and gentle on the skin. Both the colour correctors and the face form contouring powders settle in well on the face without looking too cakey or flaky. I was pleasantly surprised that the former palette comes in the form of a paste, which makes it even better to rub into the affected areas. What is more, there are 6 colour correctors. At the back of the box in which the palette is packaged there is a description of every colour. So far, I have been using (and enjoying the effects of) the green (for redness), the yellow (for under-eye circles), and the pink (for more radiance to the skin).

Speaking of radiance, the contouring palette partly serves that function thanks to the highlighter. I like applying this on those areas where the light hits the face. A bit of shimmer to the usual makeup goes a long way in helping me look polished and less tired. The matte brown of the contouring powder does not feel too heavy when applied but if I want more colour, I just tap on a bit of the pink rouge. I have used the palettes for both morning and evening looks, and now it has become second nature to use them. This means they are almost always incorporated in my makeup routine, and I have to say that I am super chuffed with results whereby the makeup lasts all day!. To conclude the Sleek makeup look, I have also tried the lip plumping lipstick which can act either as a base to another lipstick (the colour I chose is neutral and good for daytime looks) or on its own. It does sting a bit as soon as you apply it but it has nourishing qualities that help ward off chapped lips. As for plumping, I did feel them fill up gradually which probably explains the tingling sensation.

Daytime look:

Evening look:

Overall Impressions: Good value for money, attractive packaging, and above all lasting quality of product and easy application – this brings me to another product that I look forward to trying: the cream contouring palette…what do you think? Have you tried it? Let me know 😉


p.s. Thank you to Paloma Cosmetics for collaborating with me for this post!


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