Class & Elegance Never Out of Style / Luisa Spagnoli Fashion Show

Come October and our fashion calendar becomes rather colourful and eventful – one of the reasons why I have not had time to really sit down and write (the last two months have been incredibly taken up by loads of commitments, so apologies for the absence here although I have kept other social media portals going).

Anyway, so as I was saying fashion houses start releasing their new collections and as we wait hope for cooler climes here in Malta, we whet our style appetite by glancing surreptitiously at the garments and imagine how we would style them. In relation to this, I was interested in seeing what the new Luisa Spagnoli collection had to offer, because to my mind this brand is synonymous with elegance, class, and top notch quality. These aspects are not compromised in the name of ‘trends’ but this season still affords some room for the occasional trendsetter. It is rather difficult to resist being ‘in’ with the times, after all. However, at Luisa Spagnoli it is done effortlessly while the signature style is maintained and championed.

Another shift is the target audience. It is not always a good idea to have a brand equated with people of a certain age, whether the crowd is too young or older. However, when people asked me whether Luisa Spagnoli caters for a more mature audience I found myself replying and changing people’s perceptions because the looks, pieces, and concepts are more age-versatile that one would think. This brings me to the show that I attended a few weeks ago at the Hilltop Gardens in Naxxar…

When you have someone like Marisa Grima at the helm of the show, you know it is going to be one to watch. The catwalk show was divided interestingly into different sections, from day time looks, to more luxurious evening gowns. Live music accompanied the show, which made it even more pleasant. Whether it was an outfit to be worn for work or evening wear to be donned at weddings, every look had its own sparkle and special touch. My favourites included the classic black and white pieces, the jumpsuits, and the leather jackets. Moreover, I was drawn to this season’s colours and pieces, such as terracotta and red, and capes with nautical details.

Finally, I would like to thank the team behind the show for inviting this blog to be part of a successful, entertaining, and relaxing fashion event.

img_5715 img_5716

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