Colour your world with Flormar!

Originating in the 1970’s, Flormar is an established makeup brand that set up its base in Turkey. It now offers over a hundred million products, so you are bound to find anything that you can think of concerning makeup, and this includes skincare products too. What is interesting about Flormar is that prior to 2008 it was not a known international brand, as it kept its operations within Turkey. In the last 8 years, however, its growth has been substantial, so much so that it currently boasts around 700 stores in 19 countries worldwide. For instance, you will find Flormar stores in diverse countries such as Paris and Saudi Arabia, but it is mostly popular in Spain, so if you happen to be around that area, you know you will not lack the makeup you need.

What about our tiny island in the Mediterranean? After having settling in Paola (a town in the south of Malta), Flormar has recently opened and launched a flagship store in Paceville, opposite Baystreet. The displays are well-stocked and very clearly organised. The shop’s design is minimalist, which is an appropriate contrast to the burst of colours and shapes that will welcome you upon entering. As for the products themselves, some of them will be tested and reviewed in upcoming mini-posts on other social media platforms (style_in_transit – Instagram, and the Facebook page) to keep you in the loop on first impressions and suggestions for use.

Thank you to the Flormar team for having organised such an interesting and colourful events for us bloggers. To the readers out there, watch out for ‘testing spots’ in the coming weeks/months!

2 thoughts on “Colour your world with Flormar!

  1. Cool brand! I’m going to look out for them. Excellent post!

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