Lavish Decadence at the Pink Fashion Show Nov’16 Edition

There are a few places that I consider special and where I feel at home. One of them is the Manoel Theatre because I regularly attend performances, such as operas or concerts. I’m a bit of a culture vulture you see. So you can imagine my excitement and joy when I discovered that the November ’16 edition of the Pink Fashion Show was going to take place in none other than this historical theatre. I wondered about the setup and a surprise was in store: the seats were removed and the orchestra pit was elevated, extended into a catwalk. The audience was either seated in the boxes or standing in the stalls where the seats usually are. Did I mention that there was a live orchestra? True to form, classical music was used to accompany the runway show. As several brands sent out models clad in the latest collections, this was a well-executed show, largely due to it being supervised deftly by Marisa Grima, stylist and manager of Supernova Model Management.

A quick mention to the sponsors, who as usual contributed to the success of this Times of Malta event, organized by Pink Magazine: Guerlain //River Island, the Point // Hudson Group Malta // MEXX MALTA // M&Co Malta // Lulu Boutique // Mangano Malta //CHEMIMART // Rebelli // Sunlab // Optika // Kinnie – Malta’s own favourite soft drink // C. Camilleri & Sons Ltd – ‘Camilleri tal-Helu’ //FRANKS – The Art Of Living Beautiful // Kind’s // Fifth Flavor 

The TrendsettersThe Pink Fashion Show is a highlight because it shines a light on what are must-have pieces for the upcoming season. The venue really blended in well because this winter it’s all about rich, sumptuous decadent fashion in lavish ways. From velvet to satin, from lace to dramatic details, more is definitely more! Here a few shots taken during the night (photos by Mark Soler Photography) and a note to accompany what I think of the looks. They are also my favourite given that I am very much into exploring new styles while retaining a strong preference for black sleek pieces, such as jumpsuits, capes, and trim designs. 

Brand № 1 (in order of showing): United Colours of Benetton

I must say I was really pleased and surprised by Benetton’s presentation – the lux feel of the materials and the carefully thought-out cut of the pieces make them both classic and on-trend! The pleated skirt and the bell-sleeved shirt are my favourites, but that jumpsuit is so sophisticated too. Benetton has also jumped on the velvet bandwagon (your go-to Christmas dress). Contrastingly, you can have a white Christmas by donning winter white with elegance. A brand new Benetton store is now open at Pama Shopping Centre which makes for convenient shopping.

Brand № 2: Mangano

Mangano has always been synonymous with bold colours and daring looks. The ruffle details are on the exaggerated side but help to make a statement. Red and military-style details are incorporated into structured jackets, while that checked coat is all you need for outerwear to complete your outfit. On the party side of things, that little black dress is black no more thanks to a fancier bodice. Mangano has recently reopened in a new Sliema location under new management.

Brand № 3: Mexx

In contrast to Mangano, I have to say that Mexx is slightly more understated so this calls out to the woman who likes to feel comfortable but is totally stylish nonetheless. The cuts of that cape and leather overcoat are sublime and you can see yourself wearing them for ages. To add some colour, an alternative to the black jumpsuit comes in the form of this aubergine piece that is immediately elevated and playful thanks to the orange top underneath.

Brand № 4: Lulu Boutique

If you haven’t heard of Lulu, it is a small boutique in Ta’ Xbiex, a few doors down from the famous cafe Busy Bee. It offers a range of styles and looks that cater to different tastes. In this show, the pieces that were chosen reflected this year’s theme of lavish decadence. This is evident in the crushed wine velvet dress, the satiny pleated black dress with a magnificent neckline, the fierce leather pants, and the dreamy shimmery silver dress (another perfect choice for a Christmas party). I was, however, also drawn to that cape-like jacket which could be easily thrown over a leather jacket for extra warmth.

Brand № 5: M&Co Malta

Out of all the amazing pieces that walked down the runway in the Pink Fashion Show this November, I have to admit that M&Co’s dresses and jumpsuits stand out for their simplicity – ironic but powerful right? Some people would prefer to tone down the level of colour and details, giving importance instead to the cut, design, and fit. I must say these fit the bill. While one can be partial to the lavish and daring looks mentioned earlier (and below), I believe many would choose the M&Co style on a daily basis, and then venture into more experimental looks for special events.

Brand № 6: River Island, the Point

Speaking of the lavish and experimental outfits that would befit special occasions (what with the festive season round the corner), River Island is one of the best options for this kind of dress up. Probably targeted at a younger crowd, it does however offer certain pieces that can be rocked by many women of different ages. Cue in the stunning cut-out jumpsuit and the nude maxi wrap dress that is very Great Gatsbyesque. The star-studded LBD is too much of a darling while the off-shoulder midi dress seems to call for grown-up seductiveness. Finally, the contemporary grunge / 90s look mixing a leopard print with a logo top, and topped off with a silky bomber is a callout for us to be more adventurous with our sartorial choices. Though it will not suit everyone, it is surely a look that prompts us to be more creative.

Brand № 7: Rebelli (Elisabetta Franchi)

The best was definitely left for last in this event – the showstopper collection by Elisabetta Franchi for Rebelli exuded glamour, sophistication, and power all at once. I could not restrict my choice to less than the looks above because each tells a story yet the underlying fabric is the same: the Elisabetta Franchi woman is strong, tameless, and assertive, yet soft and feminine. There is a certain ‘engineering’ behind each piece, from the cut to the placement of accruements, from the colours and the way they shine on the material. If clothes can transmit this message, then the designer is successful.

So that is a wrap I guess for this edition’s Pink Fashion Show. I would like to thank the team for inviting this blog once again to such a special occasion. Till the next one!

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