Dauntless Designs by Mangano

To find a store that is part of an international franchise in Malta is not that difficult anymore, what with globalisation and business people investing in bringing over certain brands to our shores. Granted, we still lack certain brands but that makes it more special when we go abroad, right? In the case of designer wear, it is perhaps a smaller niche, yet it is a growing market and there seems to be an increasing number of women who seek such clothing. It is not as easily accessible however and many resort to online shopping to meet that demand. However, a number of renowned brands have made it to Malta in the last couple of years or so. One of them is Mangano, which has now reopened under brand new management.




To mark the occasion, a section of Bisazza Street in Sliema (where the shop is located) came alive during the after-work hours for a red carpet event and super lux party which was entrusted in the capable hands of Adrian Mizzi (the man behind Malta Fashion Week and Awards) and his hardworking team. Mangano’s management team was also on point and it was indeed a pleasure to meet the designer, Antonio Mangano, in person. The catering was exquisite. Well, how could it be otherwise if it had The Palace stamp on it and was keenly supervised by their manager, Julia, who was there in person? It was definitely a well-executed event and might I add that the turnout was very successful. What about the collection? Read on…

img_6390 img_6392

In a previous event, attendees of the Pink Fashion Show had already had glimpses of the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. It was evident then, and confirmed upon entering the shop, that Mangano dresses the assertive, strong, powerful woman who is unafraid to make a statement through her clothes. Admittedly, the Mangano collection is not everyone’s cup of tea, and neither is it for the faint-hearted, given its bold colours, its striking designs, and its slap-in-the-face details. The predominant colours are yellow and red, both quite of the moment, and the standout details are ruffles and grommets (i.e. eyelets) which have both taken the fashion world by storm. The play with the cuts and textures is what really distinguishes Mangano’s work as that of a designer’s. One cannot really fault the variation that is on offer: from plaid to monochrome, from military-style roping accompanying the daring reds to the eyelets that masculinise the typically feminine yellow colour, the Mangano woman can take on many different identities, from day to night, from work to cocktails.

img_6399 img_6408

Finally, one cannot not mention the design of the store itself. A flight of steps takes you downstairs to a personalised shopping space where you can try on clothes in tranquility; the interior decor of such a setup brings the concept of relaxation back into shopping!

img_6414 img_6415


Thank you to the team for having me over to such an enticing preview!


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