What I’m grateful for – Adieu 2016

Many are those who feel that as a year comes to an end then it must mean wiping the slate clean. In my case I must confess that if 2017 were to be as productive, amazing, and full of memorable experiences, then I would be very pleased! Of course no one knows what the future holds which is scary but exciting too. Yet who would have thought, at the end of 2015, that I would have done certain things and pushed some boundaries? So I’m happy, thankful and more accomplished with what 2016 has thrown my way. This does not mean there weren’t difficult or challenging moments, but with strength and determination they were overcome too. Here is what I’m grateful for: 

1. In terms of blogging, for that’s the place to start in this context, I’m pleased with more collaborations. Related to fashion, I worked on 2 projects with Main Street (styling, and editing a newsletter). I also promoted local designers’ work, and reviewed many shows. Thanks to all for having me! 

In connection to beauty and makeup, I was pleasantly surprised and so satisfied to work with around 7 companies: Sharon Warrington (Stage Makeup), Paloma Cosmetics (Sleek Makeup), Medimports (PUPA), Franks (BeYu), Dean Gera Hair (Fibreplex and Dermalogica), Stranje Hairdressing (Olaplex), and VJ Salomone (Max Factor) – thanks also for believing in this blog! Finally, I have to add that I attended Malta Fashion Week and Awards for the 3rd year – my dream would be to blog about one of the fashion weeks abroad – any sponsors are more than welcome 😉 

2. Work and academia – as a post-secondary lecturer and PhD student, it was not always easy to juggle everything. I am happy to say that I soldiered on, got a couple of papers published in peer reviewed journals, and nearly concluded my doctoral studies (fingers crossed)! 

3. Family and Friends – I cannot not mention the people who formed part of my experiences and helped me, encouraged me and believed in me – you know who you are! I offered a lot of time to nurture my relationships and that gives me the greatest joy so it has definitely been time well-spent. In 2017 I must decide whether I have to let go of those people who didn’t reach back when I offered my time because they were always too busy or absorbed in their own things, or maybe give them another chance? 

4. Travel – you were probably wondering why I didn’t mention this straight away. Well, if you followed my updates on Instagram and Facebook you would have realized that 2016 was characterized by a lot of travel. In early 2017 I plan on writing posts on how I managed to get all this traveling done, on packing tips and useful suggestions. 

The first time I travelled to a non-European country was in 2012, so little did I know that in 2016 I would have been to the US and Asia each for the 3rd time, and Canada for the 2nd time. The first trip in 2016 was to Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver. Then a week-long trip to the U.K. for a special family celebration, which was followed shortly after by a longer but much needed 3-week long trip to South Africa. Considering that I spent my summer away from the sea and stationed at my computer working on my thesis, I must say it was deserved. To conclude, the last 2016 trip was to South East Asia, and I am in Bali right now as I type this on the brink of a new year. Malaysia and Indonesia are both worth visiting and I intend sharing experiences and suggestions in upcoming posts. 

Connected to travel I have to say that in 2016 I was more adventurous. I did the following (all abroad), some with hesitation but proud nonetheless: bungee jumping, skiing, 12-line zip lining, riding an ostrich(!), parasailing, jet ski, and more unusual stuff. 

5. Health and fitness – this year was decisively much better in terms of being more attentive to what I ate and adding on more exercise. I joined a gym and stuck to a schedule so in 2017 I intend to keep it up. For once joining a gym is not a new year’s resolution! 

What about you? What are you grateful for and proud of? What would you like to do/be/experience in 2017? 

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