The way forward? – A reflective chat and what to expect in 2017

It cannot be denied that January tends to be rather like a dead duck –after the excitement of the Christmas season, we have to contend with dreary weather, and dark days that seem so bleak our eyes (and much more) are strained from the lack of light. This explains in part why we sometimes lose the willpower to be creative and get out of the comfort of a warm bed and a good book. In terms of public events, January is what the dry arid month of August is in the summer. Whereas in the latter, we are constantly drenched in sweat that no reapplication of makeup would withstand the onslaught of yet another heatwave, during the former we are too cold and exhausted to brave public appearances, so all we want to do, really, is watch another Netflix series. And no, I do not mean Netflix and Chill, which has a totally different meaning (just look it up and you will understand what I mean). I have to admit that the reason why I chose South East Asia as a destination to kick off the New Year was to get away from such a sad situation – no pun intended, though I tend to get occasional SAD (aka Seasonal Affective Disorder) symptoms sometimes. This brings me to a little chat about my absence from the blog for almost all of the first month of 2017.


Apart from the above reasons, I reflected that upon my return from Indonesia I felt very calm and happy with the simplest of things – if you spend some time in this continent you will know what I mean. I felt that I needed to disconnect from certain things to appreciate them more. Not having to bother much with what I wore or how I looked when in Asia had the cleansing effect of learning to accept myself more with or without makeup and curated outfits. Yet, when I got caught up in the routine once more of ensuring I looked on point on most occasions here in Malta, I did not feel burdened but looked forward to it more. Taking a break FROM EVERYTHING is very reenergising and in this case, not having to worry what looks to put together and ensure I left the house with my face fully made up for two weeks enabled me to wipe the slate clean, to not get bored but approach these two aspects of daily life (which I really like, mind you, because they add some fun to the day!) not only with renewed interest, but more importantly in a more relaxed manner. This also explains why I was more active on my other social platforms than here, because I preferred the randomness of sharing some moments of my days.


Does this mean this blog is but defunct and purposeless? I used the time away to reflect and reconsider what it is I want to do, and offer you my readers, in 2017 via this medium. I have to sadly accept the fact that blogging has changed its nature, but change can be a good thing too, a way forward. So despite the fact that this is a longer post, it could be that this year the writing will decrease. This is a sentiment that I harbour occasionally, as I ask myself, why should I bother to write posts if there isn’t anyone interested in reading them? Then I remember why I started blogging, my love for writing, especially about style and travel. So I say could be because I still love writing and I might decide to swim against the current, in an attempt to keep this form of expression still going. I am sure I am not the only one, because I follow many other blogs (on portals such as BlogLovin’) and most of them seem to ride the wave that is challenging the art of writing very well, not least Man Repeller’s site, which offers a number of quasi-philosophical tongue-in-cheek pieces which are a delight to read.

So my next point is a question to you, my readers and followers, whom I thank for sticking around: what do you seek from this blog? More importantly, do you have the patience to read anymore? Because if yes, then I will gladly produce more written pieces. Do not read an accusatory tone in this question, as it it but borne out of recent local discussions that ‘writing is pointless’ and that ‘reading is not what people do anymore’. The individuals who uphold these ideas are in my opinion onto a very slippery slope, because if we do not read and write, then how are we to form opinions? If we become lazy consumers of Insta-stories and photos, then we have no patience to teach our children the joys and cultures inherent within reading and writing. The situation is not all bleak, for when I travel I notice that people do read, although admittedly people are being distracted by what is on their smartphone than by the traditional book.


This is a dilemma that I face and one other reason why this blog has had a hiatus, not for lack of material, but because I often felt that ennui, asking myself what’s the point? We all appreciate a readership, and I am sure there is one out there (my blog stats indicate that); but in a world where thousands rather than hundreds mean something, it begs the earlier question. Then again, I know that I grateful for the audience I have, no matter the number. I am not someone whose Instagram is flooded with photos of none other than myself, despite the mind-boggling fact that it is those people who become Insta-celebrities with hundreds of thousands of followers. It is true, they have good looks on their side, but then, I never aspired to be like them. Last year’s travels have shaped me in a way that goes beyond words. Something has shifted in me, but that could also be because I am getting older and, hopefully, wiser. Specifically, knowing distinguish real depth and integrity (who and what is worth my time). So if you are a follower of this blog, it means that you are in search of more substantial content.

To conclude, what should one expect from this blog for 2017? It is an attempt, rather than a certainty, to offer more varied content on style, travel, lifestyle, and beauty. Although this is similar to last year’s content, the format, style and tone of writing may be different. Style in Transit aims to be all of these: thought-provoking and directional, inspirational and informative, fun and entertaining. It is a tall order, but as mentioned earlier, something has shifted. It is time to fight superficiality, to champion culture, while also representing style, fashion, and beauty as artistic forms of expression. It is also time to be more outspoken, not to shy away from critique, so if you cannot take the heat, leave the kitchen. It is also time to show support to talented people, who really work hard to represent this industry well. Who is with me?


p.s. The blog design will remain as is for the time being, but if the above goes as planned, there will be some changes to it too.

p.p.s – The above photos are from royalty-free site Pixabay.

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