Moments: January 2017

In an attempt to document some snippets of our lives, we usually gravitate towards Instagram or Snapchat. Though I use the former (but not really the latter), I am also trying to collate some interesting ‘moments’ each month. Here is the rub, though. It is not guaranteed that every month will carry or bring with it photo-ready or Insta-perfect moments. Looking back at 2016, it was a fantastic year in terms of travel (maybe I create a round up of that?) but there were other memorable experiences, though not all of them warranted a photo or Insta story, just because I do not go around documenting everything – I would rather live the moment so in that case I keep it to myself or am too absorbed in the experience to bother snapping away. Nonetheless, as a new year brings with it potentially invigorating ideas, here is the first attempt. A quick alert first. These posts will be different from my longer, more reflective ones, but I thought, why not? Variety is good. So apart from this longish preamble, the rest will be brief comments and we will let the photos do all the talking, shall we? So here goes…

Moments – January 2017

  1. Kicking off the year in style, in Bali, Indonesia, while getting to witness one of the most amazing sunsets.
  2. Early morning flights are a nightmare but worth seeing the sunrise, especially when the departure strip gives way to the sea.
  3. Discovering a gem of a restaurant without even looking for it intentionally. Historia is located in Jakarta and it had been mentioned in some newspaper article that I had just read a couple of days before my visit.
  4. Tasting non-alcoholic cocktails with unusual ingredients such as lychees. The darker cocktail tasted like something medicinal but it still went down a treat in the humid weather.
  5. Meeting up with a friend in a recently opened cafe in Malta, and of course, discovering the cafe itself, which is not far from where I live (yay!).
  6. Creating understated outfits that keep me comfortable yet stylish.
  7. Exploring new places and admiring amazing architectural gems.
  8. Finally coming across a brand/store I had been hearing about for ages (it is & Other Stories but you can tell from their interior decor!)
  9. Spending some quality time with my parents and sister on an unusually sunny day in January, which has been awfully cold but a perfect opportunity to wear my favourite coats on repeat.
  10. Cooking up healthy meals to accompany my workout regimes, and ok, the occasional hot chocolate and croissant is allowed, right? Let us not be too inflexible or else it would be too boring, agreed?

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