Berry Beautiful – Blinc Away! 

At the start of 2017 my head and journal were replete with ideas for writing (on the blog) and then it was as if I blinked and suddenly it was the end of March. Where did the winter of our discontent go? It was a very intense and intensive period for me. I had extremely good days but also challenging ones too. Yet I am not the type to wash my sorrows in public as some are unencumbered to do. Suffice to say that I had a lot going on but I was mostly satisfied and fulfilled with my commitments and type of work.
That preamble is not connected in the least to this post’s topic, but if you follow my blog you probably noticed a little bit of absence. I did not lack inspiration or had a writing block. I hardly experience those issues, given that writing is part of my life. Rather, it was time or lack of it that left me no choice but to prioritize and compromise.

However, it’s the beginning of a new month and I am trying to get back at it. The first post for April is beauty-related. On 30th March, the eve of Freedom Day, I headed to Roseberry to hear all about the new Blinc collection. As the only brand in the market to specialize in eye makeup, I was intrigued. I had already used the graphic feltpen eyeliner in the past, so I felt it was bound to be a relevant presentation.

Nataliya and her friendly, informed staff greeted us profusely with framboise, macarons, and Baci, a great pick-me-up given I had had a long day at work. The presentation was held downstairs, in the relaxing treatment room where manis and pedis are offered. Nataliya led the presentation as she revealed one product after another. Here is a brief overview of the brand highlights:

1. All Blinc products have been tested and promise they do not flake, smudge, or run. They are also sold in clinics where eye surgeries are held, so patients do not have to wait long before returning to make up use. They are also hypoallergenic for contact lenses wearers like me.

2. The iconic mascara is water resistant, not water proof (see below). The mascaras have a technique called tubing which means they create a tube around the lashes to protect them. The idea is that the mascara does not clump. One can even sleep with mascara on (though not recommended) and it is said that it would still be there after waking up. Plus, it does not damage the lashes. I intend to try this out. To clean the mascara, however, two simple things are required: warm water and gentle pressure (using cotton wool). Oil-based make up removers are not recommended. Before the mascara, you can apply a primer that serves as a treatment for the lashes.

3. If you prefer more than just mascara, Blinc has also created the ideal eyeshadow palette with a combination of different shades that are usually sold across 3 palettes. Talk about three -in -one! For maximum effect and endurance of the product, applying the Blinc primer is recommended, especially to help reduce the lines or cracks that form with eyeshadow. As soon as it is applied, it really hardens and it is as though it adds a layer to the eyelid. I am definitely trying this out!

4. For eyeliner gals like myself, there is quite the range. From peelable eyeliners to coloured ones, there is a varied choice. The eye pencils come in different colours whereas one of the feltpen liners has the thinnest tip ever.

5. The last products I want to mention here are the heated lash curler, which operates with a battery (you wait 30 seconds then apply mascara) and the multifunctional eyebrow mousse that comes in 9 different hair colours – how about that?

What’s different about Blinc? Why do we talk about it? It is innovative because it was the first brand to create the tube mascara and peelable eyeliner. It specializes in eye products which is why it takes years to launch new ones. As a niche market, the brand focuses on quality and specialisation. An American brand founded in 1999, it has been listed as one of the 5000 brands fastest growing in US markets with a repetitive purchase rate of 78%. With its water resistant mascara, it is not surprising that it is popular among brides (who end up crying on their wedding day). It is also the recipient of a number of prestigious international awards.

The above range is available at the following stores: Roseberry (Valletta), NYX (Sliema), Melita Pharmacy (St Julian’s), and Heavenspa (Naxxar).

Thank you for stopping by and watch out for reviews soon!

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