Journeys into Elegance: Pedro del Hierro at Cortefiel

Location: Cortefiel, Bay Street

Back in the day when fashion exposure was restricted to magazine pages and (mostly) Italian television, the epitome of class and sophistication came in the form of icons of the latter nationality. One had the flamboyance too but not really the kitschy Las Vegas style either. In the last few years, however, one noticed a shift towards Italy’s ‘cousin’, if you will. The Spaniards started moving in with their Zaras and Mangos, as well as more upmarket brands such as Massimo Dutti and Uterque. Suffice to say that my style has also evolved thanks to brands like these, particularly the first three (alas, I still have to find a Uterque store or check whether they deliver to Malta).

Another brand on the Spanish market is Cortefiel, with which I had first come into contact back in 2010 when I lived in Barcelona for two lovely summer months. That meant regular visits to Placa Catalunya and other shopping streets. As I walked into their palazzo-like store, I was drawn to the lightness and simplicity in design that revealed a subtle sophistication to the wearer. Now, almost two years on, Cortefiel has been brought to Malta by the Bay Street Complex Group and just yesterday another important name was launched as part of the Cortefiel store. Given that the latter brand had originally been focused on the more tailored  aspect of fashion, it was apt and in keeping with the concept for a designer brand to be housed under the same roof.

Entre Pedro del Hierro. The Cortefiel-del Hierro connection began in 2012 when the former sought out the creative director of the latter, Carmen March. It seemed as though she recognised a golden opportunity to make ready-to-wear collections more easily accessible. She could not have been more accurate because thanks to this move, the designer’s work has now also made its way into Malta’s shopping scene.

What about Pedro del Hierro’s latest collection? Who is targeted at? I would say the woman, and man (as there is an interesting section for males too) who seek timeless, effortless elegance. The little details that make the difference, as well as the placement of certain cuts, indicate artisanal quality. It must be admitted, though, that here one will not find the streetwear fads or ‘trends’, which could be a good thing. This is because, given the higher price point of the clothes, it would be considered an investment rather than shopping on a whim.

The woman I see wearing these pieces is one who does not mind the fact that she shops infrequently but, when she does, she seeks clothes that will last beyond the 6-month season where today’s must-have is tomorrow’s discarded item. Another woman for whom this collection is suitable is one who holds an important position in a business, company, or other spheres / careers. She would want to look fearless and authoritative without coming across as flimsy or flippant. Wearing the clothes of Pedro del Hierro would, to me, mean ‘I mean business’ without compromising femininity and personality. If you are anything like this type of woman, then head to Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro.



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