Fashion Week Tips

One day to go until Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2017 unfolds. Without a doubt, this is THE event that fashion enthusiasts await the most with excitement and trepidation. As this year marks my 5th year of blogging, it also means that it will be the 4th consecutive time that I will be attending this massive fashion marathon. Here are my tips and some advice for those bloggers starting out, but also for the members of the general public who are planning on attending some events and are prepping their outfits. Of course these are my suggestions based on my experiences, because ultimately what one prefers will be relative to their tastes too.

Fashion Week is an opportunity to (1) experiment, (2) have fun with styling, and (3) be yourself all-in-one. How?

1. If you follow street stylers and Instagrammers who exude style and wear fashion with a statement, then be inspired to follow in their footsteps. While people might think one should not overdo it, and I agree, Fashion Week is the time to be bold, daring, and adventurous in your choices. This year in particular has so far been characterised by brighter, and more striking looks. Still not convinced what to wear? Have a look at the fashion weeks abroad, such as London, Milan, and New York. Each have their distinct signature looks so you might be drawn towards one but not the other. Ultimately, it is also a good idea to be comfortable and be yourself. The trick is to look natural or as though you did not try too hard, while being pulled together nonetheless (see next tip for how to organise yourself).

2. Although Fashion Week will be hectic and you will feel as though you were sucked into a colourful vortex, don’t forget that it is meant to be FUN! Fretting what to wear at the last minute will only result in grabbing the first thing that comes to hand. This would probably be equal to a boring, bland look. Another risk would be to wear something that does not match the weather – there is nothing more uncomfortable than sweating in clothes or spending the evening hugging yourself because of the sudden chilly breeze coming from the sea (Fort St Elmo is opposite the sea so it tends to be cooler than other locations). To be in control of potentially stressful moments such as these, it would be a good idea to organise the full-on outfits beforehand; this includes checking the weather forecast. I use my mobile notes so I can add and change on the go, and have the notes handy when I am looking at my wardrobe. Planning ahead would enable you to have more time and allow for a degree of spontaneity nonetheless, such as tweaking an accessory or changing a jacket.

3. Even though you are inspired by what others might have worn during fashion weeks abroad, be YOURSELF, and allow your clothes to reflect YOUR personality. At the same time, if the designers have had previous collections that speak to your style, you could try incorporate something of theirs. It is the ultimate show of support. If this is not possible for any reason, then you could choose pieces that reflect the designers’ themes while staying true to yourself.

Finally, remember that although Fashion Week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate fashion and flaunt your style, it is mainly the designers’ spot in the limelight that we celebrate and support. Fashion Week is also about dressing up, showing up, and paying respect to the hard work put in by the designers and all those people working together to put up an incredible fashion feast.

Extra tips to manage Fashion Week comfortably: Wearing comfortable shoes helps a great deal, particularly if you do not know for how long you might standing in between shows or if you would need to walk over uneven flooring. Eating something beforehand could be a good idea, and carrying some water (something I must remember more of this time) is essential to stay hydrated. Regarding timing, in the previous years, I have somehow managed to arrive a bit earlier to settle in and also enjoy time with fellow bloggers (fingers crossed all goes well too this year). This is mostly for the bloggers: if you can stick around after the shows if the occasion presents itself, use the time for networking and talking to people so they get to know who you are and what your angle of blogging is. Blogging the night away via social media is essential, but so is interacting with the crowd face-to-face. Finally, it is important to remember that this is an event that unites people with different talents and from various sections of the fashion industry. Bring on this action-packed week!

Photo credits: royalty free images from Pixa Bay

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