#MFWA Day 1: Mystical Branches by Yana’s Jewellery

I first heard of Yana’s Jewellery a couple of years ago and, given that her jewellery shop is not far from where I work, it makes it easier to pop in to see what she is working on. After settling in and making a name for herself locally, it was time for her to debut at Malta Fashion Week – the fact that she has waited a couple of years is laudable because jumping the gun in this area can be risky. When I met her after going around her exhibition during Day 1 of Fashion Week, I must say she was calm and recollected, but also very effervescent and brimming with joy at her success. This was on account of her collection being so well-received and mainly because her pieces this time were a bit outside the box, even though they were indistinguishably her. If you can create something and people say, ‘That is Yana’s, right?’, then you know you have found your signature style. The key then is to evolve this style, and that is what Yana does with Mystical Branches. What is particular about this collection is how effortless it is to elevate a simple dress just by tying on one of these ornate creations. I am sure that both loyal and new customers will be delighted by the designers’ new twists to her signature style. 

Photos above: Ron Camilleri 

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