#MFWA Day 2: Vanity Rebels by Parascandalo

The Parascandalo name needs no introduction by now. One almost knows what to expect yet there is always the promise of something original and creative. The mark of a true designer is not necessarily in the production of ultra-embellished garments but also in carving out an identity that is synonymous with the name, that brings with it a loyal circle of people enthused to see what the designer has up his sleeve this time.

On the second day of Malta Fashion Week, Parascandalo’s show Vanity Rebels took place in front of a swelling crowd. There was not an empty seat in sight and quite the crowd in the standing area too. This can even more stressful as it adds to the expectations, but when I met Marco he was his usual relaxed self. He did not need to be worried anyway because the show and clothes were a crowd-pleaser for both males and females, as attested by the warm and cheerful clapping at the end of the show.

This year he ventured into more feminine touches as evident in some of the details. The ruffled dress and asymmetrical floaty skirts were contrasted by the sportier track pants, hoodies, and tartan pattern. Logos and slogans made a strong appearance once again with Maltese sayings such as ‘Ejja minn hemm’ (roughly translates: ‘Come on, get on with it’ or something to that effect). Patched denim was also a favourite repeat but I am guessing that the must-haves of the season were the embroidered denim jackets, which were handpainted. This collection speaks to the creative, playful side and will definitely appeal to the youth who would want to reflect their self through their clothing. Well done once again Marco, you have not disappointed us!


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