#MFWA Day 3 – Divas by Gaetano

Gaetano couture is well-known for glamorous showstopping pieces. This year’s show wasn’t anything less than breathtaking and amazing. Then again one could not expect anything less with the title of his collection Divas. The colours alternated between striking red and crisp white, almost an homage to the Maltese flag. As a counterpoint, a Celine Dionesque glittering gold gown contrasted the dreamier floaty champagne dress. Figure hugging forms predominated, made for the bodacious woman, for the femme fatale. Attention to detail is evident in the different type of appliqués such as feathered motifs and ruffled cuts.

This collection is not your typical ready-to-wear pieces. It is meant to be couture after all. Whereas some pieces would be ideal for stage events (cue the flawless performance by Claudia Faniello), other gowns are made for the woman who wants to feel even more confident and stronger than she already is. If one needs work of such calibre, Gaetano couture is the port of call for wondrous creations that could leave one, as Faniello’s song would have it, breathless.  




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