#MFWA Day 3 – Ivory & Co

Getting married is an important pinnacle in any woman’s life, but secretly her dream is to dance the night away during the reception in a princess-like gown. Every year during fashion week, there is a show dedicated to brides-to-be, thanks to Ivory and Co.

For this year’s edition, the show kicked off showcasing beautiful gowns that could be worn by special guests at weddings, such as close relatives or mother-of-the-bride, or by fashionistas during fashion events. Following the dressy gowns was the bridal designer collection by Josef Gauci. Every piece that sashayed down the runway was unique and exceptional, both for the shape and for the type of detailing.

During the jam-packed show I could imagine that a number of brides-to-be were blown away by several pieces. With every gown that walked downΒ he runway, they were probably proclaiming their newfound love, only to be wowed by another magnificent design after it. Each wedding dress is imbued with the classic and the new, the traditional and the contemporary. There are flowing pieces as opposed to tighter and more figure-hugging ones; some of them are more understated whilst others are more dramatic. Most of them, however, are lavish and luxurious, guaranteed to make any bride feel like a queen for a day.


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