#MFWA Day 3 – Serendipity by Rosita

I remember last year’s fashion show by Rosita, Silk Sense. Held at Fort St Angelo, Birgu, each piece sent out on the catwalk billowed in the evening breeze that had picked up slightly. Many people were amazed at the skill of the designer at painting such beautiful silks amidst a world of artificial fibres. It was a breath of fresh air.

This year’s collection was not any different in terms of quality. There are, however, a few changes and this is important if one returns to the same material. Named Serendipity, the presentation was interesting, joyful, and, to my mind, more youthful. I felt that this year Rosita has tapped into a younger audience who would not mind being embraced by her delicate, plush kaftans. These would be ideal for the torrid summer that awaits, for those lazy days of lounging in some resort or by the pool. Yet, Rosita’s pieces are versatile, which means they can take you from day to night. Well done once again Rosita for tickling our senses with a refined and creative collection! 

An important aside must be added here. Rosita’s presentation of her collection was complemented by handmade jewellery by Virag Anderson, a new name in the Fashion Week scene. Her pieces are as summery and vibrant as the silks on which they were worn. These bespoke pieces beckon nature’s fresh and strong elements, whilst conveying optimism and hope in the wearer. It was really a pleasure witnessing such work, Virag!


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