#MFWA Day 4 – Gagliardi, Effacto, and Eymeric Francois

Gagliardi: SS17 Safari and AW17 La Dolce Vita
Amidst the flurry of sumptuous gowns, luxurious separates, and other delicate pieces, Malta Fashion Week also tries to offer something for men. For this year’s edition, the Maltese design house Gagliardi showcased not one, but two collections: the SS17 Safari and the AW17 La Dolce Vita, Rome. The colours in fact reflected both themes perfectly. In the case of the Safari theme, suits and separates, beige/light khaki, orange, and lighter hues predominated; while in the new winter season collection, darker, richer tones asserted themselves in the form of blue-based suits. For the Maltese male clientele, Gagliardi is undoubtably the ideal choice for both daytime and evening suits. Photo credits: Justin Ciappara 

Effacto: Food & Flowers

Following Herminas Reea for Greece, it was Italy’s turn to display a collection. The brand Effacto, spearheaded by fashion designer Lorena Meyer, presented Food & Flowers. The connection with nature is indicated through the choice of materials, namely wood fibre and environmentally conscious printed fabrics, which are proudly made in Italy. This collection includes mini-dresses, palazzo pants, blouses and longer-hemmed dresses for the sophisticated woman who eschews outright glamour in the name of understated elegance. In fact, whereas some of the pieces were not really catwalk material, for being rather simple, others more than compensated because of the intended luxury of the fabric and designs. Despite the less than wow factor on the catwalk, these are pieces that are so wearable on a daily basis, whether it is for work or travel. Photo credits: Steve Muliett 

Eymeric Francois – Poison

In complete contrast to Effacto, Eymeric Francois (from France) showcased a haute-couture collection that celebrates seduction, sensuality, and sculptured shapes. Women’s best assets are heightened thanks to transparent materials such as lace, and through the use of ribbons, corsets, and other accruements that remind one of the opposing dichotomy between bondage and strength. Francois is not new to MFWA, and this is yet another solo show for him (following appearances as part of the International Designers shows in previous years). This means that the fashion crowd would be expecting nothing less than what Francois has delivered: the designer who has transcended fashion into sculptured pieces. The combination of red and black can be risky and could look vulgar, but with the careful choice of materials he somehow pulls it off. The only thing I was not too keen on were the long gloves but for the sake of a more seamless look one can close an eye. Though it might not be to everyone’s taste, it is a collection that intrigues and reflects the new wave of Parisian couture. Photo credits: Bernard Polidano 





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