Seaside fun at the Pink Fashion Show Summer ’17

Pink fashion shows have become synonymous with surprising, stunning, and stupendous locations with one main thing in common: style and freshness. This is particularly the case of the summer editions for which the Pink magazine team scour locations that would reflect or match their thought-of aesthetic. After watching the sneak peek video, it became clear that this year they wanted to recreate funky summer vibes and they did so, quite literally, by choosing none other than a beach setting. Ray’s Lido in Armier to be exact. With so many wondrous beaches surrounding our island, it seemed apt that they would organize one of the shows on a beach.

What went on this year? As per usual, guests were welcomed by a relaxed, fun atmosphere so the built-up hype wasn’t for nothing. Magnum ice creams made an appearance, one of the usual suspects, particularly because at this time they release their limited edition lollies.

Onto fashion…

The trends for this summer are undoubtably all about that languorous feel, lounging in the sun, sipping cocktails during happy hour, a BBQ or a fancy al fresco dinner, finished off by a stroll by the seaside. Alternatively, these are also the type of clothes one would pack for a holiday in Greece or Bali, somewhere warm and seaside-oriented. Of note, Carla Grima’s new collection (showcased during Malta Fashion Week 2017) can be associated with riviera-like settings for the day, while the fashion house Rebelli offered up some interesting dresses for your more amped-up summer occasions, such as special dinners or even weddings.

What were the key trends, if one may call them so, given that summer is all about fun and keeping cool? Yet, one can still retain an element of style thanks to this year’s offerings. As one can see in the photos, courtesy of Mark Soler photography, there was quite a mixed bag. Different types of florals and stripes made an appearance, as did breezy and flowing materials. Colours were either pastel or muted, or strong and sharp (such as reds and flaming orange). Models were either clad in maxi dresses or in skimpier pieces, whilst dreamy separates were balanced with summer workwear. The models ambled around the catwalk to the hip tunes playing out to a packed audience and Lido. The photos also depict my favourite pieces by the participating brands: Calzedonia, O’hea Opticians, Joseph Ribkoff, Furla, Ipanema, Stefania’s, Nero Giardini, Optika Opticians, Carla Grima Atelier, Coccinelle, Orsay, Dor Boutique, and Rebelli.

Joseph Ribkoff and Furla – perfect workwear combination; a summery piece by Rebelli; and a more formal dress by Orsay for a summer wedding

An embroidered tee by Rebelli; that dreamy kaftan-like dress by Carla Grima; and a classic but contemporary little black dress (Rebelli)

Modern strong stripes by Orsay; a perfect beach accompaniment by Dor; a lovely summer dress for special family occasions topped off with a Furla bag that matches to perfection (by Joseph Ribkoff)

From Campari-like colours by Carla Grima to work-appropriate wear by Stefania’s

A gorgeous floral / bird patterned dress by Stefania’s complete with ruffle details; and a statement pair of flared pants by Dor

What was also special about this edition was the team’s thinking outside the box, as models arrived from a yacht on jet skis to start off the show, whilst an unusual after-party on the sand was held to launch the summer season. Needless to say, the Pink Fashion Show has become a bi-annual event that is not only anticipated for the fashion it showcases, but also for the atmosphere, choice of location, and concept behind it all.

It cannot go unnoticed either that such events take place also with the support of certain important sponsors. This year these were: Barcode, Beretta, Campari, Chemimart, Diet Kinnie, Inside Out Design Finishes, Interior Outfitters, Magnum, Paco Rabanne, Palatino Camilleri Wines, Pandora, Renault, San Carlo, Ted Baker (new brand launched by Sunlab), Tettiera, and Vichy. Well done to all and thank you once again for such an amazing event!


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