BATA #shoeparty: S/S 2017 collection

There are bag ladies, and then there are shoe ladies. I find myself going through phases: one year it is the former, but in the last two years I have probably purchased more shoes than bags. I also tend to prefer quality to quantity as well as stores that specialise in shoes (except Zara of course). For this reason and more, I recommend a store like BATA that has built a longstanding reputation among the locals and foreigners alike. Most of the shoes are real leather, reliable, and most of all comfortable – indeed, comfort is not really compromised, not even when opting for the high-heeled choices. BATA organized a shoe party to mark the arrival of the new collection. In store there was a 25% discount (I ended up buying a pair of shoes as a present) and a relaxing atmosphere coloured by lovely people whom I know, complemented by beauty services offered by INGLOT (I actually got my hair curled by the gifted Victoria!), and topped off with rose prosecco and nibbles.


I believe these events have become more than a PR exercise; they are useful to broaden the clientele, to strengthen brand loyalty, and to show what is on offer in a more official way. The opportunity of speaking with brand managers is also interesting to learn more on the quality and styles of the products. Such events are also a fun way and make for a livelier atmosphere to shop in!

Some impromptu hair care by INGLOT


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