Perfume profiling by FRANKS

Picture this scenario. You are returning home from a trip abroad. Naturally you find yourself at the airport and, almost automatically, you think about that last sneaky purchase. Almost obviously you make your way to the beauty and perfume section, only to realize that your are facing a myriad of bottles exuding luxurious scents. You feel slightly panicked because you do not have that much time anyway. How to resolve this? A. You either give up on buying anything or B. Enter perfume profiling.

Perfume profiling? What is it? A few weeks ago I was cordially invited by the welcoming team at Franks to partake of this one-on-one experience complete with tea and cookies. Together with the affable and charming Claire Falzon, the experience involved answering a series of questions about my personality and preferences (e.g. Which travel scene do I prefer?) and then smelling the 5 types of perfume families in their original state such as citrus, woody, and floral. The ones that I liked I put to one side whereas I discarded the ones that were not my type. The interesting part was that the ones I liked matched my personality traits. Finally, we landed on a few scents and this will probably make choosing fragrances easier. Mine turned out to be Chloe Signature and Dior Essence. So if I really have to choose a fragrance in a hurry I would know that I would not be jumping the gun but making an informed choice. If you are interested for more contact Franks Sliema for a session on perfume profiling.

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