Styling ideas – Red and Ruffles


Last summer, I started to wear red more often, be it in the makeup department (hello, red lipsticks!) but also in clothing. There is something about red that uplifts me, that makes me confident and gives me a boost. Now that is a lot, coming from someone who loves blacks and greys in terms of colour (or non-colour really). I have come at a point in my life where I am happy with who I am and what I have achieved (while continuing to work more and more, of course, whoever stops really?) so I guess red is a symbol of that joy and self-pride.

Another favourite of mine, particularly for this Spring/ Summer season, are ruffles. Whether they come on shirts or, as in the case of this outfit, as skirt detailing, I am game. In this skirt, they are so me: a bit feminine and playful, but also combined with something more formal like stripes and cotton. I played down the more feminine part of the skirt by wearing a structured v-neck shirt and a pair of mules with the tie-knot detail to add more interest. The finishing touch was the suede-effect leather-style jacket which, similar to the shirt, balanced the prettier side of the skirt.

Outfit details: Skirt, shirt, jacket, and mules: all Zara (I know, a bit of a Zara overload, but I did not notice till I was wearing everything!)

(PS the top in the cover photo is not the same as the shirt but I chose it because it brings together red and ruffles in one item!)


2 thoughts on “Styling ideas – Red and Ruffles

  1. I love the skirt!! I’d never pull it off but the colour is sooo beautiful!

    1. Thanks! I did not feel 100% confident either but I love it and have fun when I wear it, it puts me in a good mood. Surprisingly, I received many compliments for it despite the fact that I thought I did not look that great in it. Sometimes, we underestimate ourselves!

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