Stage Line Makeup: Reviewing some new and familiar products!

Last year, I had written a review of a new makeup brand I discovered thanks to Sharon Warrington, Principal of the International School of Beauty Therapy. Needless to say, it has now become one not only of my favourite brands but also, more importantly, a lifesaver when important events beckon. The reason is simple: long-stay, reliable products that do not run, smudge, or in any way make you feel like you are wearing some heavy-going, caked makeup.

As I had mentioned in that post back in July 2016, I had tested out some products such as the silk veil pore minimizer and the HD foundation, both of which been and are still so great on the skin. The former (which is almost finished now alas) preps your skin for make up, whilst the latter (which has also run low but I was generously given a replacement) is perfect for fine-tuning a makeup look because it not only plumps the skin but gives off a very natural look. I apply it with a stipple brush and the skin feels and stays flawless all night. This year I used it for many fashion events and I must say that it has been very trustworthy because it did not run or cake at all.


For this review, I had two new products to try out, the concealer/contouring palette and the brand new X-fix lips. Let us start with the palette. It comes in 6 colours, some of which such as the green are used for concealing redness in the skin. The beauty of the contouring shades is that they are not powder but liquid, so they can (and ideally should) be applied under the foundation to mark the contours. Once the foundation is set, a powder contouring product can be applied over, where the liquid would have been applied. This involves an extra process, no doubt, but it gives a professional look to your makeup at the end. You do not have to go through this process on a daily basis but for those special occasions, it is worth the effort because the makeup stays on much longer with these extra steps. I became familiar with the palette during a makeup session at the International School and one of the trainee students, Norma Shaw, was using it. I asked her about it and she was the one who explained how to apply the concealer/contouring liquid colours. Then Sharon kindly gifted me one to try out and I have been using and loving it ever since!

The final but most glamorous product is the fresh lipgloss X-fix Lips (see the above swatch). Although I am not much for lip glosses, this has definitely converted me. It is certainly one of the summer lipsticks I reach out for. One of this season’s go-to products one can call it. First of all, I love the colour, which is a lighter red but can still come out strong with application. It veers towards the orange but the red in it makes it a classic and so summery too. Secondly, the brush is very easy to use but if in doubt I use an angled brush for application. Finally, and probably its best feature, once it is applied it becomes matte on the lips and this makes it very long-lasting.

As I browse the catalogue of Stage Makeup (products are available through Sharon at the school), I cannot help but create a wish-list in my mind of luscious products to experiment with and apply both for daily and special occasions. It is truly a special brand and I cannot recommend it enough!

The next photos are of me wearing the three products (as I said, my makeup lasted all night; the last photo showcases the X-fix lips specifically)


2 thoughts on “Stage Line Makeup: Reviewing some new and familiar products!

  1. That lip gloss is such a beautiful color! It looks amazing on you! xx

    1. Thank you! I love its colour too!

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