Styling Ideas: Mixed Prints

or… the outfit that made it on LovinMalta 


I am not one to mix or clash prints, but when I saw this Gucci-inspired top, all that logic was out the window in a nanosecond. I also have another rule of thumb when I purchase an item of clothing. Namely, that if the given piece cannot be styled in 3 different ways, then it cannot really be part of my wardrobe. In relation to this maxim, I felt that the fact this top had potential; regardless, there was a niggling thought that it could be too fussy or that once you wear it is as though it has been seen already. Once again, notwithstanding such very quick thoughts I had whilst I sized up and tried on the top, I made the equally quick decision that this top was coming with me. It was special somehow, I did not know why or how. Until I wore it for one of the fashion week shows and later spotted myself on LovinMalta because of it (thank you!). It had, indeed, won a position as one of the top fashion looks. I could not have been more stunned and pleased. It was then that I remembered the logic that had possessed me to pick up this top: it was unusual, original, and quirky all at once. A bit on the sporty side but one that I balanced out with a velvet-like pencil skirt to give it a more formal look. To complete the look I had envisioned that only a huge handheld / clutch bag would do, which is why I opted for this dark tan, leather piece. For that extra comfort factor I slipped on what must be my favourite quasi-flats at the moment, these v-cut red leather slip-ons. Overall, it was a comfortable but unusual look, one of my favourite to date. So the styling ideas here are: do not be afraid to think outside the box, let the pieces speak to you for their potential, and then pair them with other pieces you would not normally think of. I believe these are aspects that make up personal style. What do you think?


Outfit details: Top and Bag ~ Zara | Skirt ~ Dorothy Perkins (quite old though) | ShoesNext (from the UK) | Necklace ~ A jewellery store in Bali

Photo credits: the talented B-Biche (check out her uber-awesome blog here!)

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