My work on Vida Magazine | Airport Style

In the last couple of weeks, I boosted my content on this platform, bringing you content every day from Tuesday to Saturday, whether it was an outfit post / styling ideas, something related to an event I attended, or even a makeup review. Last Saturday, however, I did not post anything. I was working on something academic so that was a priority and then I got this massive headache but recovered in time to go out for dinner (at least!). Another reason why I skipped the post is that on Sunday my work was published in a magazine. My airport style article came out in Vida Magazine, which is available in Malta, and is distributed for free when you buy the Malta Today newspaper on the first Sunday of the month).

I am so pleased with the outcome, but of course it would not have been possible without the following people: Luke TestaferrataΒ Moroni Viani who took care of the photography, Sandy De Gaetano who ensured I was makeup perfect and ready to go, and of course Claire Ciantar for approaching me and giving me this opportunity to publish in their magazine. I enjoyed the experience overall and would definitely repeat it. Needless to say, one of the greatest satisfactions was writing it up and seeing it then all put together by the talented Claire.

Here are some photos of what the article looks like.

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