Victoria Hotel Relaunch

Back in May, I was cordially invited by Julia Grech (Marketing Manager) to enjoy the lavish relaunch of the Victoria Hotel, which is located in Sliema. One would think that it is not ideal to book a hotel in such a crowded town, but the Victoria Hotel enjoys the best of both worlds: it is in a quieter area of Sliema yet conveniently close to all amenities and entertainment areas (in the middle between the Strand and Spinola Bay, which then gives way to the St Julian’s area).

Apart from the location, guests at the Victoria Hotel can simultaneously relax and have a great time thanks to the welcoming lounge and rooms, both of which have been designed according to a theme. True to its name(sake) (i.e. Queen Victoria), one will find the tiny details such as pug-themed cushions and other trimmings that hark back to a time steeped in history. Part of the lobby feels like stepping back in time, indeed, but in a good way, because of the contemporary twist. The same can be said of the pub which is very popular with the hotel patrons. One of the highlights of staying in this hotel is definitely the food. Judging from the catering available on the afternoon of the launch, I can surmise very well that the breakfast is fit for queens and kings – pun intended! As a local I do not usually stay in Malta-based hotels, but I certainly would not mind trying this hotel for a relaxing weekend!

The lovely Julia also showed me one of the rooms so here are some photos of its interior, plus others taken during the relaunch.

Room Interior

The Lobby

Some of the food during the relaunch event

The pub interior

p.s. Given that we are in the middle of the summer season, I thought I would share this post with you now for those holiday bookings if any of you readers live abroad and are thinking of visiting Malta as a short break!


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