Styling Ideas: The Tea-Dress

Summer 2017 will be remembered for a number of newsworthy things, but in the fashion world of ‘how to survive the heat without melting into your clothes’, I think the tea dress is one stylish saviour. Whether long or short, this season has seen the release of numerous styles; whether it is from Topshop, Mango, or this great new brand I have recently discovered, called Realisation Par, the ultra-feminine dress has made an impact in the blogosphere and on Instagram. Just check out Lizzy Hadfield (Shot from the Street) to get an idea. Mine, however, is one-of-a-kind / true find from a newly opened Vintage store in Malta, called Dethroned (see previous post). What makes it really interesting is not only its shape (I can wear it on or off-the-shoulder), as it has side fastenings and even pockets, but also that its cut is very flattering; best part? it is 100% silk so that keeps me fresh. It is not too long, and can be easily dressed up or down. I went for the latter, trying to tone down its feminine side with my Vans. I wore this ensemble for a beach-oriented fashion show (Pink summer edition). I topped it off with another lucky find (a wooden bag which has been made famous by the brand Cult Gaia, but thanks to Bianca I found it at an incredible price), and a contemporary twist via one of my absolute favourite bracelets from MVintage (ironically enough) (from one of their first collections, imagine!). I was not sure of the vintage-on-vintage look given that both the bag and dress are not ‘new’, but I think that overall, the Vans grounded the outfit more. What do you think?

Photos: Ronald Camilleri ( ::

Last two photos by Chrissy Toledo 

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