Purple: The Launch of a New Fashion Store

With the rise and rise of manmade and synthetic fibres, it has become difficult to find good quality clothing. It has indeed become harder to find good quality clothing at reasonable prices. You will undoubtedly come across loads of alternatives to top-notch materials, but the the snag is that after a few washes or with wear and tear, the garments lose their shape or much-needed fresh look. Conversely, the more refined the material, the higher the price point. After all, is it worth investing when certain styles might be in one season and out the next? So in this way we are faced with a sort of catch 22 situation: we want to have good quality clothing that might or might not be in with the styles and trends, yet we don’t want to split the seams when it comes to our bank account. Of course, certain high street stores offer a type of balance between quality and price, but if you want to vary your shopping cart from the likes of your trusty Zara, & Other Stories (please come to Malta!), and company, you will have to look further… but not too further.

Enter the new kid on the block, a store called Purple, which has recently opened its doors in Birkirkara – not so much your fashion mecca, I know, but hear me out. Purple is a bespoke, unique kind of boutique shop. Unlike the other stores that claim they only stock a few sizes of each item (until you realise they all import from the same ‘Made in China’ market), Purple offers ‘Made in Italy’ pieces, most of which are made of cotton or other well-made materials. The bonus points are: (a) you will not see many people wearing the same garments; (b) they are similarly priced to your much-loved Zara pieces; (c) the designs are versatile yet will not date too quickly; and (e) it is a great store for stocking up on classics or unusual pieces simultaneously. I spoke with the owners, Alexandra and Sergio, during the launch, and it is clear from the excitement and pride in their voice that this is a labour of love for them, not merely some place to sell clothes. Soon there will be another store-related event and, with a slight pun intended, I cannot wait to see what they have in store! Meanwhile, have a look of the first stock they had at the end of the summer season, so this gives you an idea of what type of garments they offer! 🙂

Must-have colours / designs of the season: red and mustard, and ruffles of course – these all fit in perfectly with your blues and whites, winter or summer

You cannot go wrong with khaki or military green, and look how well they blend with millennial pink and stripes!

Finally, ‘remember to stay purple’, as Alexandra and Sergio would say…

Don’t you agree?

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