The Return of the Bespoke Boutique – The Dressing Room

I met with the lovely Louise a while ago, somewhere around the end of summer. We chatted about her vision for a new fashion store and I was interested in what the result would be. Now one has to bear in mind that fashion shops pop up regularly and what with the concept of franchising, it does not really spell so much excitement when it comes to the opening of a new place, especially if one knows what to expect. With The Dressing Room, the only idea one had was by means of a few sneak peeks on Facebook of possible merchandise and styles. So when it finally opened its doors on the 18th of October, I made my way to the store, located just round the corner from Loft. I met with Louise and her husband Baran who have both worked assiduously hard not only to stock up the shop but also to offer the concept of a dressing room, paying attention to details in the store’s Scandi-inspired decor. As can be seen from the images of the latter, the use of soft greys, wood, and other neutrals, as well as the maximisation of the space, imbue the store with a sense of calmness and serenity, very homelike and welcoming, making the shopping experience more personalised. This also enables the clothes to speak for themselves, particularly if the colours are striking or the patterns enticing.

In keeping with the season’s favourite trends, red and embroidered pieces are available in different styles, but so are ruffled details, plaid, and wintery florals. Bold colours such as blues, yellows and greens are also on offer. To complement the clothing garments, Louise also decided to offer clients the possibility of getting their very own pendant made of unique natural stones. The clothing pieces offered are of very good quality and are sold at reasonable prices too, so it is quite a win-win situation really. One thing to bear in mind is that Louise and Baran orders very few pieces of the same items, so once they are sold they cannot be reordered. This is the boutique store concept after all, rather than the mass produced chain one. So if you really like something, go and check it out as it might not be there for long. Finally, one can say that no matter the age or style, somehow there will be something to meet clients’ taste and budget.




2 thoughts on “The Return of the Bespoke Boutique – The Dressing Room

  1. Rosanne Formosa 29/10/2017 — 12:29 am

    The Dressing Room is Artistic and Handsomely Done… Love the clothes and Jewellery. ..The staff is second to none, very helpful and friendly. A visit is a must..We needed a shop like this that caters .for most sizes and pockets. Well done Louise and Baran.

    1. Thank you for your comment Rosanne! I agree!

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