It’s a Scandal!

On glancing at the now iconic busts marked by the Jean Paul Gaultier label in any typical perfumery that stocks this brand, one cannot steer away the eyes from a pair of sublimely formed legs, heels up. The cap that seals the Scandal fragrance unleashes a welcoming blend of aromas underlying the stiletto-pointed handle. Whiffs of blood orange, gardenia, honey, and patchouli mingle to give off a fragrance that speaks of contradictions: flamboyant yet classy; adventurous but also urban chic; vibrant and sophisticated. The woman who dons this scent is all of these identities rolled into one: in part serious and demure, in part someone who is ready to have fun and let her hair down when the occasion arises.

Perfume is personal which means that the ingredients might somehow blend in different ways according to the type of personality. When I had attended a perfume profiling session, it was revealed what type of scents I am partial too and which ones I would rather not go for because, after all, one wears perfume the way one wishes to reveal certain characteristic traits. Which is why the Scandal fragrance, despite its seemingly naughty and provocative name slash image, is my kind of perfume. It represents the above contradictions that make up not only my personality but also my lifestyle so really, I can wear it both when I mean business but also when I am out on the town for a socialite event. Spraying on Scandal somehow prepares me for both scenarios because its tongue-in-cheek design brings not only a smile to my face but most importantly a healthy dose of ‘let’s do this’ type of confidence that sets the tone and mood for whatever comes next!

Disclaimer: this post / campaign is in collaboration with Ta’ Xbiex Perfumery but all opinions are my own.

Note: Photos of myself with the Scandal perfume were taken by the talented Marie Claire Portelli


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