Blogging Interrupted: An Explication


2018 should be an important year for this blog. It marks the 5th anniversary since it was launched and has up until now garnered a humble viewership (30,000+). Not really that many considering the gazillions of viewers some international blogs boasts can boast of. Then again I never did have any high aspirations for such astronomical figures. I love writing and prefer expressing myself through this medium rather than through the fleeting world of the image which, truth be told, I have succumbed to of late because it is immediate, more accessible, and quicker. Yet there is a misconception, that posting photos is the easiest thing. It is and it isn’t which means that it does and not require talent simultaneously, yet the quality of photos makes a difference (so talent is an asset). A bit of a paradox but one that should make sense. It is seemsΒ easy because there is the wrong idea that anyone can take photos these days and it does not require talent because all you need really is a smartphone. Is that really it? Well, as I have gathered ever since I have taken to ‘curating’ my Instagram feed, I have indeed realised that it still takes up time to ‘plan’ what type of images to take and then post (the question some of you might ask is, is it worth the time? I have been told by some people that I am in fact wasting my time according to themΒ , never mind the fact that to me it is a creative outlet). The fault lies primarily in those squares (on Insta) that somehow have started to represent not only an identikit of one’s being and self, but also a creative place to organise one’s content. Then came Insta Stories and once again it has had a transformative effect. Everybody could become a potential video personality so the question then was, would that spell the end of Youtube(rs)? I do not think so given the short length of the videos (on Insta). Even so, it has changed things so that the viewership has shifted from reading, to viewing (and perhaps thinking about the) images, to the most passive form of engagement, watching videos. Undoubtedly, the audio-visual is and will remain the strongest form of entertainment, no matter how many words one churns out.

Therefore, is it a lost battle, and an end to blogging in the traditional sense? I wish for a moment I could go back in time to being like Carrie in Sex and the City penning her adventures through a narrative that people ended up ‘reading’ even though they were listening to and viewing the episodes. Progress cannot be halted, however, and we must welcome or embrace change with positivity rather than proclaim ourselves as luddites, resistant to such change. SomeΒ will opine that it is regress not progress because people are becoming lazier and not reading enough, but I am inclined to believe that if people want to read, they will read, no matter what. Ditto, if people want to write, they will do it anyway, perhaps swimming against the current or the sea change that is unfolding right in front of them, whilst hoping that somewhere, someone will bother engaging with the written word. If there is one person (or rather, company) in the blogging world that I admire for this reason, it must be Man Repeller. When the ‘threat’ to the written form of blogging became pronounced, their articles did not shrink or disappear but they somehow became meatier and more vocal. I enjoyed reading a number of articles in that vein, relishing every single word. I hope you enjoyed reading this too and for what it’s worth, I hope that it triggers some form of reflection as to where we are headed next in the so-called blogging universe. Meanwhile, I will try my very best not to feel disheartened about writing and to believe that there is a point in it after all.



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