Time for a change?

‘They say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself’ (attributed to Andy Warhol)

As I came across this quotation from my Happiness Planner, I thought about the universal concept of TIME, and how it affects us. Sometimes we are deluded that we have all the time in the world, but in reality it is as elusive as answers to big questions. Most often it is the case that we do not have enough hours in a day to get things done, which is how I feel when I catch myself running and chasing I don’t know what, because my studies have conditioned me to experience guilt if I do not fulfil what I would have planned to do on my checklist. Ah, the difference between planning and getting things done. Eventually I do get things done and I can be very productive when I want to, but the interim period is often riddled with unforeseen things, some of which turn out to be really welcome, happy ‘events’ or moments. Like enjoying a leisurely afternoon with my parents, or a delicious lunch by the sea with a special someone, or even, getting lost in a good book. So you see, I do not really mind after all. Then it dawns on me…I do not have to feel guilty or worried that I am shirking my responsibilities, not only because I have always worked and given my fullest to everything I have done and still do, but also on realising that I do not have to chain myself to my desk and computer anymore to finalize my doctoral thesis. Just the other day someone remarked how that sense of guilt at not doing something will linger for a while, so I decided to fill it in, for now, with something I love doing: writing and creating content, such as for this blog.


One of the things that I decided to change about my blogging direction was to start organising photo shoots, to create content for my blog, for a magazine I contribute to, and for my social media accounts. I do not want to do ‘average’ anymore, I want to be the best I can be, but without feeling the pressure or need to reach some invisible standard set by some equally invisible hazy somebody. Some family members have often questioned and misunderstood my interest in blogging, but the answer as to why I am doing this, or taking this new route is partly and ironically thanks to TIME – after 6+ years of my life devoted to such an important achievement as obtaining a PhD, I finally have some extra time to do what I love, and what I have discovered brings me great joy and pride, albeit a different joy and pride in obtaining the highest award.


Photograhy: Mark Soler (MS Photography) / Makeup: Sandy DeGaetano (Makeup by Sands) / Hair: Kirsty Bezzina (Toni&Guy) / Location: Palazzo Consiglia, Valletta

Clothes: Polka top – Noos Malta / Pants – Purple / Heels – Macy’s New York / Faux fur jacket – Zara / Earrings – Mango

Disclaimer: clothes are my own – i.e. not sponsored


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