Open Day at Niumee

There comes a point in our urgent rush to get things done, to deal with deadlines and other commitments, personal or otherwise, that it becomes rather difficult to fit in some other appointments that eventually come across as superfluous. For instance, getting one’s hair or nails done, a treatment for skin problems, or even a rejuvenating one. It is in such moments that it is useful to remember that there is a one-stop salon that offers all this, and more, under one roof. I had written about its opening way back – was it two years ago, already? – and you can read about it here. At least it solves the perennial problems of traffic and parking, because Niumee is not only easy to reach, it also offers parking to its clients. What is more, once you are in the salon, with its ideal feng shui design, you feel more relaxed and inclined to forget the realities pressing on you, if only for a few relaxing hours. Because that is how I feel every time I step into the space that is carefully designed.

Niumee is fully equipped : apart from the treatment rooms, the hair and nail salon, and a gym, it includes a health bar / coffee shop and, since my last visit, there have been interesting additions, such as a stand by Makeup Factory, products by a brand called ORGANYC, products by ELEMIS, and new goodies in the food section (such as the SHINE superfoods, which I had written about in my post on the Mint launch). You will feel at ease not only thanks to the ambience but also because the staff are friendly, helpful, and welcoming. Now for the good news. On Saturday 3rd March, Niumee is holding its Open Day once again, offering incredible discounts in all services. But I guess it is best to watch the video below that gives a better idea.



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