Thinking outside the box


Being adventurous, taking risks, pushing oneself out a comfort zone – in fashion as in life, from time to time it is uplifting and invigorating to do something different, to shake things up. I called this the unconventional challenge, as I was inspired by Project Runway in which upcoming, competing designers are encouraged to use unusual materials for their designs during one of the episodes. Of course, I did not make use of such materials for my outfit, but I chose the route of  atypical pairings, whilst retaining a streamlined colour palette and hopefully a dose of style. So what is different here, given that the blazer and heels are very much my style anyway? The idea came to me to match the tights to one of the colours in the skirt (incidentally this has turned out to be quite the fashion trend this season), then matching the shoes to the knit, which in turn blends in with the black of the blazer and skirt (the black ruffle detail). So really, it is a monochromatic look overall, but with some colour via the skirt and that sharp blue of the tights.

The final look made me think about how we hone and define our style, which is more than just throwing on a good old knit and a pair of pants or skirt. Nothing wrong with that, mind you, but I have learnt during my blogging journey, particularly during photo shoots, that style is what you do with fashion, with separate items. When I come across various international bloggers, I study what works when they post outfit photos. Often it is the most common of pairings, or the most mundane of outfits, but somehow, there is something that pops out more than merely a jacket worn over denim and a shirt / top. There must be something in the angles, in the shots taken, but also in the way the clothes are showcased. This is what I have hoped to refine throughout the years, but like most things I do, I admit that there is always more to learn, room to improve, and this includes seeking opportunities to think outside the box, to be creative and hopefully inspire anyone out there to take the plunge more often. Go forth and experiment!

Photograhy: Mark Soler (MS Photography) / Makeup: Sandy DeGaetano (Makeup by Sands) / Hair: Kirsty Bezzina (Toni&Guy) / Location: Palazzo Consiglia, Valletta

Outfit: Knit – The Dressing Room / Skirt – Miss Selfridge / Heels – Office Shoes / Blazer – Zara 

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