The Experiment – Layering Series #3


The difference between what you see and what really happens is very often substantial – case in point, the near-perfect pictures/images/or poses that you come across on social media as opposed to the messy realities behind such artefacts. Let’s face it, how is it possible to really create a perfect look with a white shirt that does not really do as it is told, that does not magically layer in a seamless way, and that does not make me feel like some lab person wrapped in folds of cotton? So this is an ‘homage’ to the imperfections of everyday life, to the more rumpled, ruffled look that I ended up with, but that felt more liberating, more fun, and ultimately more reflective of my quasi-daily struggle with clothes, i.e. the gap between an idea that you had in mind and how it turned out, not so much as you had envisaged it, but more real at least. Isn’t that the point, after all, to seek authenticity even in artificial scenarios, to evade the perfect because it risks making us mirrors of each other, soulless and shallow? Instead, let us celebrate our misshapen shirts and messy buns, much like our lives that are sometimes out of tune or to an extent, imperfectly perfect.

p.s. the aforementioned experiment was to layer the white shirt on the same base as in previous outfits, and then add a thin black coat.

Photos by Marie Claire Portelli

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